Thursday, 28 November 2013

What do these parts of plants mean?

1. Roots = C. Part of a plants that soaks up water and minerals

2. Stem = E. Part of a plant that holds and protects seeds

3. Leaves = A. Part of a plant that makes seeds  

4. flowers = D. Part of a plant used for support and has tubes for carrying food,water, and minerals

5. Fruit = A. Part of a plant that makes food  

Part 2

6. Chlorophyll = F. A green pigment that is found in plants’ leaves that help the plant make food

7. Photosynthesis = H. The process that plants use to make food

8. Sugar = G. The type of food that plants make in their leaves

9. Oxygen = J. A type of gas that is released into the air after Photosynthesis

10. Carbon dioxide = I. A type of gas that plants need for Photosynthesis

The Titanic

Name of ship
Name of shipping Company
White star
Length of ship
294 Metres
Date of maiden voyage
10th of April 1912
Captains Name
Edward J Smith

2. Where was the Titanic sailing to on its maiden voyage? New York

3.  Approximately how many were on board the Titanic when it left Southampton? 1500

4.Why do you think the Titanic hit the iceberg? Because it was too long to move

5. Why did so many people die? Because the White star company thought it never sinks so they didn't design enough life boats.

6. What is the signal ‘SOS’ a call for? SAVE OUR SOULS?

7. The Titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in the passage.Words similar in meaning are called synonyms Can you find another word in the passage similar in meaning to the ship? Fairy

8. Find words in the passage that mean:

Cut Sliced
Died Perished
First Maiden
Cold Icy
Crisis Emergency

saved rescue

What would I be next Year?

                                          These are some of the thing I'm doing this year and some things I wish to be next                                          
                                          Year when I'm Year 6.
Year 5             To        Year 6
Camp leader

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pizzas that desribe what Labour day is about.

Last week the year five and six Extension group learnt about Labour day. After we wrote down some things that we could make with the ingredients that we had to make pizza’s that describe what it is about.

Labour day was first celebrated in New Zealand 28th of October 1890. Labour day is a public holiday because of a carpenter named Samuel Parnells did not want to work more than eight hours a day. New Zealand is not the only country that celebrates Labour day there's countries like Canada,Bahamas,Australia,Jamaica,Trinidad and Tobago and also the United States Of America. 

There are so many countries that celebrate this day

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Halloween Facts

Trick or treating is one of my favourite thing in the world, I like it because of the lollies people give out and the decoration, but what's the whole point of trick or treating. Here are some thing I have found out in my class.

 Halloween was first called all hallows day, then people started calling it hallows evening,soon after people started calling it hallows eve,to shorten it up people change it to Halloween. People had made a special food, that was called soul cakes, each cake represented a soul that had died in the past year and as the cake was eaten, it was believed that if the soul had gone to Purgatory, it was then released.

Some thing about Goats and Sheep

How many of you would rather have a sheep then a goat? I know I would because of its wool. There wool is nice and warm and it keeps you warm to. Sometimes sheep wool is ruff,muddy and to thick,that's the wool that some people don't like.

People like wool because it can be turned into a beanie, jumper or a pair of mittens. Goats are kind of like sheep but they're not, they have similarities like they both produce milk they both have horns and they’re both really woolly.

Maths work

Today my class had to solve three questions and answer it in two ways. To solve these questions I have used  different strategies like split the factors, add the parts, and switching them around. Here are three questions that I have solved.

 Sean has 267 credits in Maths Whizz at the start of the week and has 523 at the end of the week. How many credits did he earn over the week = 256

12 boxes each contain 29 toys.How many toys is that in total =348

3.675 + ___ = 7.4 = 3.725 

Wakaama Training

Yesterday afternoon my friends and I went to wakaama training. Wakaama is when you are paddling in a dragon boat. We have to pull, push and stay strong because there are a lot of angry waves willing to push us back. In our boat there is a group of six, we have Tai, Louis, Jordan, Aaron (who is our coach) , Steve and of course theres me. My role in the waka is the hip caller it’s when I call out “hip” and that tells the boys when to change sides. Then theres Tai he’s the one that steers our waka and after that theres Louis, Jordan, and Steve they are strong paddlers and help the steerer. Wakaama training is really tiring but it helps me stay strong and I enjoy paddling with my boys.

Monday, 4 November 2013

My writing test

Today my class and I went on a school field trip to a farm. Everyone was so excited including my best friends Hailey,Zane and Shyla. We had been best friends since kindergarten.The only thing everyone hated was when we had to go in the bus, because Miss Frog was always singing a very very long song that we thought was never ever going to stop until we arrived.

 As soon as we got there we saw all sorts of trees and farm animals it was beautiful then we split up in groups of four. While wandering through the farm we saw a huge barn yard with lots of animals like goats,cows, and hens it was amazing until Shyla heard a sound.

 The sound was coming from the barn Shyla said “Guys did you hear that” “Hear what” Zane replied ooooooooooooooo there it was again Hailey said “ it sounds like someone or something is in stress” so they went to check it out. When they were in the barn it was gone nothing was there except for blood stains all over the hay. They decided to be calm but then a man walk by giving them an angry look and yelled out “get out of my barn” thats when they scream and ran out as fast as their legs could take them.

 They went to the teacher but she was nowhere to be found, she was probably lost in the woods again. Until they finally found her and told her everything and she was shocked that they would do such thing so she called the police so they came as soon as possible.

 When the police arrived they found the man and but he explained everything The noise they heard was a cow giving birth “what about the blood stains on the hay” Hailey said that was also the cow giving birth. “What about you shouting at us” I said he said he was shouting at a rat who ate his cheese that was for breakfast. After he explained everything they apologized to him and said goodbye.