Sunday, 26 January 2014

Making Pancakes

Today I made pancakes by myself because I was getting hungry,  cooking it was easy, making the batch was hard because I couldn't find the right ingredients. Then I had to find the right frying pan.After that I had to set everything up and then I started cooking.I had cooked 10 pancakes they were delicious. Finally I finish them and I ate it with a little bit of Icecream.

The Rain

Today it was raining and it is very cold, my dad and my sisters are at my nan's house and its just me, mum, auntie, uncle, and cousin. Its kind of boring because there is nothing to do, I really cant wait until school starts I want to do sports. Staying home and doing nothing is cool but sometimes you want to do some other things like go outside but its raining like today. Its really cold that's why I'm covering myself with four blankets just writing for my blog.


Yesterday my and friends and I went to the swimming pools named Parakai. It was really fun it had the coolest slide ever that was kind of the only thing we went on. I went with two of my friends Stevenson an Taimana, It was tuns of fun.

 The first thing we went on was the slide there was lots of twists and turns but first we had to walk up a very very long ramp that takes you to the top of the slide then you get your mat and slide down. We had gone on the slide for an hour.

Soon later we had lunch I had 6 nuggets with chip, after that we went to the arcade and spent lots of money that went to waist we could of spent it on more chocolate we only caught one chocolate. Then we played for another hour and then we left.