Tuesday, 17 May 2016

i luminate

Last week on Tuesday an amazing group of dancers called i luminate came to Point England School to perform their incredible light show to us. The three performers names are Lisa, Matt and Danny.

They performed to us in the dark so that we could see the lights clearly, my favourite part of everything was listening to the incredible remix they had made, they played really cool songs like Fancy, Talk Dirty and a lot more hip hop like songs. Everything was amazing from the songs to the choreography

What I was most interested in was what they wore, they wore black pants and jumpers with wires in them that were programmed to flash at certain times. There was a man named Bob who help make the lights work, he sat on the side of the stage doing almost everything behind the scenes.

After they performed the Yr 7 & 8's had a chance to ask them question like where else have they travelled, who is your role model, where do you live what version dab do you like and a lot more. Soon later it was getting close to three o'clock and I had to stand up and say a thank you on behalf of the school. Afterwards I think that there message to us (Point England School) was to dream big and to not give up.

I thought that it was amazing and very well thought out, I was really interested on how their costumes worked.
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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this very talented group. I got to sit up the front and see their moves up close! They are sooooo skilled at dancing. The various styles of dance and movement was outstanding. I know that you love to dance too Collin - maybe you picked up on some moves too? It's great that you picked up on their important message - it's just like our school motto, strive to succeed. Keep up the great posting Collin.


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