Tuesday, 19 August 2014


1) Why did the family in the story leave Afghanistan?
Because they didn't want to live with the
Taleban and the awful rules.

2) Why didn't the kid in the story go to school?
His father didn't approve of the schools that
the Taleban had set up.

3) How did the kid in the story learn to read and write?
His father taught him.

4) What is the capital of Afghanistan?
The Capital is Kabul.

5) Describe the toilet on the boat.
It was a wooden hole with no walls for privacy.

6) How did they first know something was wrong on their journey to Christmas island?
They knew something was wrong because
it was only meant to take 36 hours but it took
them five days and they still weren't there.

7) What was the ship from Norway called?
It was called the MV Tampa.

8) Where did they go after Papua New Guinea?
They went to Nauru.

9) Who got to go to New Zealand?

Only family and people under 18

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