Monday, 4 August 2014

Valerie Adams

Finally the day has come where all the Commonwealth countries come together to compete against each other. My favourite part is the fantastic opening ceremony where the crowd roars with excitement responding to the spectacular special effects and awesome dancers.

 Paragraph 1
The countries that I am supporting are Samoa and New Zealand. Samoa is where I come from and New Zealand is where I’m living. I am cheering for NZ because Valerie Adams is in shot put, I know she will get a golden medal.

Paragraph 2
It was a night for record breaking, Valerie Adams first attempt was a no throw for stepping over the line. Then her final throw was 19.31m further than silver medalist and her close friend, Trinidad and Tobago's Cleo 18.57m. Canada’s Julie Labonte won bronze with 17.58m.

Paragraph 3
Valerie Adams was a really great sports women. I think that in the Olympics she will be really better. She is a great role model for all of the pacific children.

I had no doubt in Valerie, of course she would have come first she trains like almost everyday.  Although there was many great .

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