Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Transformation

Ring! Ring! Rang the bell. As Mr Famine put his glasses on a stack of two old books he said “don’t forget to write your stories about a mythical creature in the weekend”. “You all need to practice” he said as all his year nine students ran out of his class. Unfortunately before they could escape he called out four names. “Xavier! Abigail! Grace! and Leo!” Xavier was a tall male who all the girls admired when he flipped his long brown hair. Abigail was a smart, geeky looking girl who always won first place academically. Grace was crazy with crazy hair, and Leo was the naughtiest boy in the school.

“Late again“ said Mr Famine. “All three of you are starting to fail this class, except for you Abigail!” Mr Famine carried on speaking, “I want you three to work with Abigail in the weekends or else you will fail my class”. As they walked home they argued for a long time about what they were going to write about because if they didn’t finish this paper they would all be expelled, except for Abigail. Finally they all agreed to go to Abigail’s house to study at five thirty.

When that time came, nobody showed up and almost two hours had passed. Abigail felt sad when no one came, until she received a text saying ‘YOU HAVE TO COME TO THE CEMETERY SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO GRACE…’ Abigail had to run through an alleyway to find the cemetery at the end of the road. As she walked closer she saw a glowing light and walked guardedly as she went closer. Next to the glowing light stood Leo and Xavier. "What's happening to her?" said Abigail, as gusts of winds started to circle around them. "We don't know. Her parents didn't want her to come, but she snuck out and came with us. We tried to come to your house a faster way but we got lost coming here" Leo explained loudly!

Gracie was lying on the floor next to a gravestone, but not long after, she started to float up in the air. As Abigail read the name on the stone the person who had died must have been related to Grace because they both had the same last name ‘Bite De Sang’, which Abigail knew was French for Blood Bite.

The next thing the three teens saw was a flash of light. Grace fell to the ground but she was ok. The four teenagers quickly ran home in the dark. Before they reached Abigail’s house, a light bulb idea entered Leo’s head. “Hey guys!” he shouted. “I have a great idea for our mythical writing paper!”.

Poetry Thriller

Here is a presentation showing what I know and have learnt from poetry.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Show not Tell

As I entered the room with giant like bath tubs the little hand was on the one and the big one was on twelve. In my board shorts, t-shirt and red and blue sandals I felt a sudden rush of hot air blown into my face with the scent of chlorine. Screams of laughter reached my ears while splashes of water caught my eye.

My heart started pounding so I leaped in the air to end up in the freezing water. I could no longer bare the cold water, so I reach out and grabbed the metallic poles linked together, step by step I made it out safely. The next pool I had chosen wasn't cold nor hot it was just right, this time I did not jump, I slowly walked in and sat on the third 18 to 38 degree step.

Later the word boredom like unattached cobwebs flew, in my head so I tried a swimming technique where my head stuck out of the water and my torso did not rotate. I gave it my best  but lower I sank. I’ll try it next time cause the little hand was on two and the big one was on twelve and it was time to get change.