Monday, 30 March 2015

Hokule'a & Hikianalia Reflection

On Wednesday, 26th of March, all children from the Manaiakalani schools came down to sing a Waiata that greeted the two double hulled wakas the Hikianalia and Hokule’a.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.04.38 AM.pngEarly in the morning over 2,000 children arrived at the Pt England Reserve to see the two amazing wakas the Hokule’a and the Hikianalia. Everyone thought it was amazing and so did I because Paige, Mrs Lagitupu and I had the opportunity to ride and film on the Hikianalia as it was coming to shore.

Everything was incredible, the nice calm water, the people and the waka itself. I thought the coolest thing on the Hikianalia was the two big anchors. To carry it you would need at least five people, four to carry and one to pull the very long chain. Then they would carefully put it into the sea.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.05.15 AM.pngAs everybody (Manaiakalani schools) on the reserve chanted ‘E oho’ the crew started smiling and saying that it was beautiful and amazing. Then it was time to leave the waka A dinghy came and took us to the beach and that’s where we saw all the children singing a waiata and the children in front dancing and doing the pukana.

This welcome was all for the people who worked on the Hikianalia and the Hokule’a. Then Mr Burt (Principal of Pt England) told all the children to come past the crew members and give them an awesome high five. This took at least half an hour long as there were 2,000 children. After that all the children left except for 3 from each school.

The children who stayed back were the children who got to eat a delicious hangi including the waka crew members (Hangi is food that is cook in the ground). Inside there was kumara, potato, stuffing, and a yummy drum stick.

It was a privilege to meet these people because those people or crew members are really fantastic they didn’t have to come down to meet us but yet they did, all for us our school our community just to learn a little bit about us and what we do. It was so spectacular and I am really happy that this event was so significant and successful.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Japan Fire Walking

On Sunday March 8th, thousands of people went to Tokyo’s Mount Takao to watch an exclusive custom. They watched supporters of the Shugendo religion walk across a path of scorching, hot pieces of coal in barefoot. It is performed by Shugendo’s followers to protect them from bad luck and to keep them healthy also to bring peace in the world.

If any person wanted to cooperate they were aloud but only at the end when the pieces of coal have calmed to a more cooler temperature. This is known as the Hiwatari-Matsuri festival, the anniversary ritual is performed at the Takao-san Yakuo-in Yuki-ji Temple every second Sunday of March.

Did you know that Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple is an old Buddhist temple positioned at the top of Mount Takao. It is known as one of three important temples of Shingon. Shingon is also known as one of the current major schools of Buddhism in Japan.

Another thing you might not know is that at the festival, followers first pray for their families, safety and body and then they follow Shugendo practicing monks who walk barefoot over the spiritual goma fire that is scorching and is partly still burning.

I have chosen this story because it is really interesting and who knows maybe even one day I might get to walk over hot pieces of rocks.

Going to Polyfest

On Thursday the 19th of March all the 7&8 students and teachers from Point England School Went to Polyfest including my mum and some other parent helper.

At 10:00 am the year 7&8 students from Pt England had just arrived at polyfest, when we had gone through security they checked our bags just to see if we had any dangerous weapons. When we were inside, all the school had already been sitting in their lines waiting for us to arrive.

Not soon later John Key came with lots of people surrounding him. There were cameras flashing people clapping and some people were screaming. He talked to all the school saying welcome and have a great time and then he went into the big ASB Bouncy Castle House. After that it was time to go to our stations.

My class, room 2 went to our first station and it was the Fire Station we learnt about how to be safe around a burning pot, it was so fun. There was even a lady handing out free T-shirt and water bottles for the people who answered the fireman's questions. One thing I learnt, was that never pour water into a pot on fire or else fire will burst out.

Another one of our stations was called Flava, there we met some really fun people they let us play games, listen to music and we even got to take some amazing photos. We also had the chance to go into the draw to win a brand new blue and black coloured bike, the model was on top of there car.
Finally it was time to eat and me, my cousins and friends got to eat Keke Pua'a that my auntie bought for us her name is Priscilla, I thought they were delicious and so was the chicken and potato salad. After we had finished eating we were aloud to go with our parent helpers and have a look at the stalls and performing groups.
My group had decided to go and see the Maori groups performance. Along the way I saw lots of really cool stalls and foods and lots of awesome costumes and I also heard some really funky music coming from the people who came with flava, I had so much fun.

After we had finished watching the maori groups performance it was time to leave, we all lined up and headed for our buses but instead of getting ready to leave we had to wait and wait in the hot sun for our buses then they had finally arrived and it was time to leave, I can’t wait to go again on Saturday, that’s when one of my cousins perform.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Why your child should attend Tamaki College

Does your child go Pt England School? and is almost finished intermediate also are you having problems figuring out what College they should attend, well have I got a solution for you.

Tamaki College is just up the road from Pt England and it is a great school for Year 8’s who are using a digital device like a Netbook or Chromebook because they are stall working with the Manaiakalani Network. This means you will be able to use your device in class and not be confused while using it.

In Tamaki your child will have many opportunities like meeting the Minister of Education or New Zealander of the Year like Dr Lance O’Sullivan. Not only are there opportunities, there are many new awesome teachers and friends,  at Tamaki everyone is considered equal so when you start you don’t have to be shy.

Another reason your child should go to Tamaki College is because of their PB4L which stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning, it means that positive behaviour can be learnt and difficult and disruptive behaviour can be unlearnt. It also means that individual children are not a problem they need to change the environment around them to support positive behaviour.
I have given five reasons why your child should attend Tamaki, number 1 because of Netbooks, number 2 Opportunities, number 3 Teachers, number 4 friends and number 5 Behaviour.

If you have agreed to let your child attend this amazing College you will be asked to make an appointment in the school office. Students are to be accompanied by their parents or caregivers to the interview, I really hope you have enjoyed this little letter and I really wish you have recommended this cool school.

Dictation Practise

KungFu Pigs

Once again, Pig and Wolf came face to face and things aren't looking to good for the pigs. Who will protect the Emperor? Is there anyone who will answer his high pitched squeal? Anyone at all? Better bang that gong, Ping Pong!

I am O inky no ho, adviser to the great Ping Pong, and Priest of the monastery of wudahling. I am here to tell you of the Kung Fu Pigs, and of how they fought to defend our lands against the most evil traitor, the crimsontroter ( he who keep the company of the wolves). In this tale you will learn of bandits and foul play. Of magic swords and evil spells.and so, honourable stranger, let us begin...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Video Conference with Hawaii

Early today the year 7 and 8 Extension Group had the privilege of having a video conference with Kea'au and Nanakuli Elementary Schools. We talked about the kinds of technology Point England School uses and the different kinds of native birds and plants there are in Hawaii. They also told us a lot about the Tsunami Museum the story was told by a teacher named Brynn. Each school shared something about their culture and what they do in class or around the school. 

To share what we do at school we showed them a video of things like the technology we use and the awesome teachers we have. The whole point of this Google Hangout was because a Hawaiian waka called the Hokule'a is going sail down to Pt England Reserve on the 24 of March and all the Manaiakalani schools will come down and sing a Waiata that will greet the Hokule'a and its crew members, I think the whole point of this waka sailing around is to teach people about the traditional navigation ways that the Hawaiian use.

Screenshot 2014-06-06 05.50.17.png

Monday, 2 March 2015

Becoming an Ambassadors

Something Special
Becoming an Ambassador

In 2013 in Term 4 I was chosen by Mr and Mrs Burt to be one of the school Ambassadors, I was chosen along with 6 other students same age and year their names are Jordan, Aaron, Marilyn, Khaia, Ariana and Elizabeth. Over the holidays in December Mrs Burt gave me and the other students a task, it was to memories a long mihi so that when we start school in February she will call us and we would have to present it to her.

While waiting for Mrs Burt to finish setting up she had told us to sort out who was going first and who was going last, no one wanted to go so then Elizabeth volunteered to go first. Then Mrs Burt said “ nice work Elizabeth “ then Mrs Burt turned to us and said “look at her she is strong Beautiful and has courage that is what you need to become an Ambassador.

After that it went Khaia, Jordan, Me, Aaron and then Ariana. When I was speaking I was really nervous I also forgot my lines but likely Mrs Burt was prepared she had put the mihi up on the projector screen. Half way threw the script I started to build up my confidence.

When everyone had finished Mr Burt came in and then they started talking Mrs Burt was saying that there are only 6 places but then Mr Burt said that we were all amazing and he said that they had 7 ambassadors last year why don’t we have 7 ambassadors this year so we all became ambassadors.