Friday, 20 March 2015

Going to Polyfest

On Thursday the 19th of March all the 7&8 students and teachers from Point England School Went to Polyfest including my mum and some other parent helper.

At 10:00 am the year 7&8 students from Pt England had just arrived at polyfest, when we had gone through security they checked our bags just to see if we had any dangerous weapons. When we were inside, all the school had already been sitting in their lines waiting for us to arrive.

Not soon later John Key came with lots of people surrounding him. There were cameras flashing people clapping and some people were screaming. He talked to all the school saying welcome and have a great time and then he went into the big ASB Bouncy Castle House. After that it was time to go to our stations.

My class, room 2 went to our first station and it was the Fire Station we learnt about how to be safe around a burning pot, it was so fun. There was even a lady handing out free T-shirt and water bottles for the people who answered the fireman's questions. One thing I learnt, was that never pour water into a pot on fire or else fire will burst out.

Another one of our stations was called Flava, there we met some really fun people they let us play games, listen to music and we even got to take some amazing photos. We also had the chance to go into the draw to win a brand new blue and black coloured bike, the model was on top of there car.
Finally it was time to eat and me, my cousins and friends got to eat Keke Pua'a that my auntie bought for us her name is Priscilla, I thought they were delicious and so was the chicken and potato salad. After we had finished eating we were aloud to go with our parent helpers and have a look at the stalls and performing groups.
My group had decided to go and see the Maori groups performance. Along the way I saw lots of really cool stalls and foods and lots of awesome costumes and I also heard some really funky music coming from the people who came with flava, I had so much fun.

After we had finished watching the maori groups performance it was time to leave, we all lined up and headed for our buses but instead of getting ready to leave we had to wait and wait in the hot sun for our buses then they had finally arrived and it was time to leave, I can’t wait to go again on Saturday, that’s when one of my cousins perform.

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