Sunday, 29 June 2014

Steps Boring, Fun, Hungry

Today I'm sitting in the sitting room watching TV there is nothing to do but then my Nana calls and ask my dad if my sisters and I want to go swimming so we said yes. We quickly got our clothes ready and went downstairs and sat in the car waiting for our parents. It took us a while to get to the pools. The name of the pools were called Parakai it was so fun there were two water slides and 2 Enormous pools. Everybody had a great time especially me. The first thing my older sister and I went was the slides there were many twist and turns. We had to go down on a mat which was blue as I went down my sister slip and lots her mat it was so funny.

Next we went to relax in this really hot pool. My little sister was crying because she wanted and iceblock it was an traffic iceblock but my mum forgot her wallet in the car then my Nana came and bought 3 for me Jay,lee and Jane those are my sisters names. After we finished our ice blocks we went back on the slide because we had to leave soon. Then we droved back home and ate dinner we had BK which stands for Burger King it was delicious I had a Whopper jr Sandwich meal .

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Things About Me

1. I love any animal.

2. My Family is everything.

3. I Think Steak with syrup is Very Yum.

4. I would Help anyone in need.

5. Cereal is Nice with bananas.

6. My favourite song is I'd rather be by Jess Glynne.

7. I love extra cheese on my pizzas.

8. My favourite colour is Black.

9. I have Many friends.

10. I shower Only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

11. And last but not least My favourite instrument is piano.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

George Taidan Fire Falcon

Every single Superhero has powers that you could never imagine. Superheros also have cool costumes and vehicles but not this one. George Taidan is the son of Bat Man, he is very good at computers and robotics. Everybody thinks he is a dork and he is. Also in combat he gets really mental e.g if somebody mocked that he is a mommy’s boy George would get angry.

He pretended he was an ordinary kid in high school but at night he was really Flying Falcon, he could lift ten elephants also he has super speed he is as fast as a million cheaters and last but not least he has flight powers it all started when George found a special necklace in his father's secret chamber that granted him 7 wishes.

He wished for a team of spectacular abilities like number 4 flame shoots flames of fire from his hands number 3 wonder has invisibility and visions number 2 me strength speed and flight and number 1 elastic stretches as long as possible together we are Fantastic X. We have been saving the world for when I was 15 years old.
I am Fire Falcon

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Making Cupcakes

Last night my Mum Timmie and Little Sister Jane made Cupcakes just because we were bored and we were also really hungry. First my mum made the batch which had 3 Cups of EDMONDS Sweet Muffin Mix, 3 eggs, 2 Tbsp vegetable oil, 1/2 cup cold water. Next we put them into the muffin tray. Me and my little sister used the grater to grate some little pieces of chocolate. Then we put it into the oven and 25 minutes later it looks like this.

Monday, 16 June 2014

J.A.C Titanic Movie

I am Number 4568

Once upon a time in a far enchanted forest, that no living object or human being had ever explored, lived 10 boys that never knew what they were capable of. Sadly six of them died but know one knew what happened that fatal night. Were they murdered, know one knows the horror that those boys had witnessed but when Louis walked past the crime scene he only saw 5 brothers no one else had seen the missing brother or did he escape
We the four brothers Stevenson, Collin, Louis and Zane were training when Stevenson caught eye of something. It was their enemy After we Had Survived we saw Taidan escape into the Forest he was the person that killed the six boys, but after we did some research we found out that he was one of the six boys so that meant he killed five of them.

We were just walking when we were attacked by some maniacs that looked like us and when they attack they always lose. So when we thought we could beat them we had another thing coming. This time they were stronger, bigger, and more powerful the last time we saw them they were nowhere near the size and strength they were last time we saw them. The bad thing is that they look as powerful as us they must've taken number 1 or they were already like that, we could see that they had the same powers and they all looked like our brothers that died. And the it hit Louis it is like the same with taiden they must be number 2379 and 10 they all looked like it. Now the choice was to either fight their brothers or run and the chose...Inline image 1

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Visual Mihi

This is my visual mihi showing the things that are important to me. In the top right corner is the Samoan flag which is very important to me and my family it a symbol that reminds me where I come from. In the bottom left corner is Music I really like listening to Music because it calms me and it's really fun because I have lots of loud music.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

To The Titanic

Today is my first night in the luxurious Titanic. I’m so lucky because I'm not very rich, I won a ticket by entering a competition for decorating the Titanic it was me and some other boy that I've hated all my life he is the same age as me his name is Collin. My name is Stevenson I am only 13 years old I’ve always wanted to go on the Titanic its been my dream. Me and Collin are in the 3rd class cabins, there not as good as first class as it doesn’t have better beds. 

 While we were digging into some delicious mouthwatering chickens I (Stevenson) overheard a group of 8 men planning to make the Titanic sink. 4 of them look tough and strong the other 4 were skinny, they looked fast and intelligent. 

I think they were the ones that were planning it. As they were leaving I followed them to their cabin. Halfway through they split into twos 4 went one way and 4 went the other. I followed the skinny group and behind me was Collin he said “ I heard them talking about making the Titanic sink “ “Me to, “ I replied. Then I turned and they were gone. 

 The very next day I woke from my slumber because water slightly touch my hand as my bed was floating around I tried to save my self but something was blocking the door. 5 minutes past and the water had almost reach the top then I slowly sunk and drowned under the water then I died. In the next room was Collin he was already outside and he went upstairs and saw everyone was floating around they were all dead, “Beep Beep Beep Beep!” I woke up from my alarm and saw that today was the day that everyone was boarding the Titanic. “You are very good at sleeping brother! HAHAHA!” We both laughed then boarding the Titanic.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Passengers & Ships

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For my Reading Follow up I had to create a Google Presentation Everything else you Need to Know is in this Link above THe writing.