Thursday, 5 June 2014

To The Titanic

Today is my first night in the luxurious Titanic. I’m so lucky because I'm not very rich, I won a ticket by entering a competition for decorating the Titanic it was me and some other boy that I've hated all my life he is the same age as me his name is Collin. My name is Stevenson I am only 13 years old I’ve always wanted to go on the Titanic its been my dream. Me and Collin are in the 3rd class cabins, there not as good as first class as it doesn’t have better beds. 

 While we were digging into some delicious mouthwatering chickens I (Stevenson) overheard a group of 8 men planning to make the Titanic sink. 4 of them look tough and strong the other 4 were skinny, they looked fast and intelligent. 

I think they were the ones that were planning it. As they were leaving I followed them to their cabin. Halfway through they split into twos 4 went one way and 4 went the other. I followed the skinny group and behind me was Collin he said “ I heard them talking about making the Titanic sink “ “Me to, “ I replied. Then I turned and they were gone. 

 The very next day I woke from my slumber because water slightly touch my hand as my bed was floating around I tried to save my self but something was blocking the door. 5 minutes past and the water had almost reach the top then I slowly sunk and drowned under the water then I died. In the next room was Collin he was already outside and he went upstairs and saw everyone was floating around they were all dead, “Beep Beep Beep Beep!” I woke up from my alarm and saw that today was the day that everyone was boarding the Titanic. “You are very good at sleeping brother! HAHAHA!” We both laughed then boarding the Titanic.

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  1. Hey Collin,

    How are you doing I quite enjoyed this piece of writing. It was interesting how you changed it up. Like the movie this writing was amazing. I look forward to reading more exciting writing.

    From Jacob. D


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