Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Immersion Assembly

It was the first day of school and all the teachers did a performance for everybody in assembly. There were 5 teams teaching us what we are learning for term 2. My favourite was team 3, there are learning about the colours that travel with the light in different speeds. Team 4 was for the year 5&6 which was me and there were talking about things that float and why also the were quizzing people on things that sink, out of a stick, paper clip and a marble which do you think will sink?

When it was time for team 3 they went up and talked about the speed of light and colours that travel with it there were all dressed up in different colours there was green, orange, pink, purple, yellow and many more. Mrs Barks was the host she was the person telling everyone what they were doing. She told us which colours absorb and do not absorb into green, black and white I thought it was really interesting.

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