Friday, 23 May 2014

The Haunted House

When George Griffin carefully sneak down the deserted street, dark clouds rise above him and lightning struck a broken electricity pole. There was no one to be seen and no home except for the one that no person nor animal dare to go. “As I get closer and closer to my death I smell something disgusting”, George thought to himself then finally he reaches the front door. 

 When George approaches the haunted house he reached for the doorknob when suddenly he hears a crashing sound, he went to check it out suddenly the door swung open. Inside there was nothing but darkness and dust on the ground. 

While he walked in, something touch him he quickly turned and saw Spike a golden retriever which is a dog, George had him ever since he was 8 years old. Everything inside was broken or dead he saw a stack of steps and went up, when he reached the top he saw a shadow then the lights started to twitch everything was moving around him and then he realized he was dead but Spike the dog transformed into a ...Stay tuned for part 2 What's In The Closet

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