Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Rugby League Game

First the game started and we kicked off to them feeling proud and confident ” Preston was our kicker “ when he kicked everyone chased it like it was 1 million dollars. My position was centre and my winger was Jordan, I was the second to last person on the right corner.

Then we finally got the ball and Maurice broke his arm. It was an epic tragedy. We pass back and forth to try and get a try then finally we pass it down to the other corner and my friend Atunaisa stepped and pass then it came back to him and he scored, it was incredible. Our supporters cheered really loud.

Next It was halftime and we ate oranges and had water with it. Our coach Tyson gave us some feedback and told us to start tackling more and to move up in a line. Thats when Prestons Gran came to us the oranges. It was almost time to go back on so we all put our hands in and said warriors on 3 1, 2, 3 WARRIORS.

Soon later Jordan had sprained his ankle and we scored more. Jordan got hurt because the opponent shoulder charged below his knees. Everyone was furious because that was the second injury but it got better, we started scoring more and more there were many runaways.

Finally the game ended and we won. We were really delighted but humble at the same time.Then we went back to shake their hands and to say thank you for the game. After all that we said our cheers and headed back home to celebrate.

When we won I was so proud and happy even my dad was happy and he is really hard to please. There was stall one player that I was angry at because he kept on swearing at our team but then we won and I was like good luck next year.

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