Friday, 28 November 2014

News Paper Artical

A Few Bad Apples

Year 5 & 6 students at Pt England School have to pay the price for others’ wrong decision.

Para 1
Everyone in class 6, 7 and 8 have been punished for some bad and no good people who have been naughty on their chromebooks.  It goes to show that there are bad amongst the good. Also bad people have no pride and not enough strength to hold its own amongst the rest.  Many students have been complaining about these irresponsible decision.  

Para 2
When interviewed, Stevenson who is a year 6 student at Pt England School, said “Just because someone is being dodgy it doesn’t mean everyone should get punished”.  Another year 6 learner named Aaron said, “Maybe the teachers banned everyone from their chromebooks so that person or people would be ashamed because they will be so embarrassed that they won’t ever think of being dodgy again”.

Para 3
The kids were worried that they’ll never get to have they chromebooks again, but it turns out that the only didn’t have their chromebooks for 1 hour. Everyone was happy at the end. Kids thought what a relief and all was back to normal.


Hopefully after this is all finished the bad people will remember what happen and they will never be dodgy again.

Uniform Change

Year 6 from Pt England have astonishing change in uniform.

Pt England

Pt England near Maybury

Next year the year 6’s have an upgrade to Jackets for school uniform so that they can feel older and be more responsible.

What it looks like:
The colour of the year 7 & 8 jackets are black and red, it also has the Pt england logo in the front.

How to be Sun Smart

Did you know that New Zealand has one of the highest rates of Melanoma skin cancer in the world? So that means you should start putting on suntan lotion immediately.
To be sunsmart you would need to be wearing the right clothing also putting on an appropriate sunscreen like SPF30+ will also be suitable for your skin.

The first way to stay protected is to set sunblock all over your body. You need to apply skin protection at least 20 minutes before rushing outside. Make sure that if you are going somewhere like the zoo or a school event, then be sure to replay the cycle of putting on sunblock every 2 hours.

One of the rules for Point England School is to be wearing a hat in Term 1 and 4. It’s not just a rule it’s a Korero. A Korero is a goal for Point England, our principal (Mr Burt) thinks that it isn't safe for children our age to not be wearing a hat. Not just hat’s will keep you safe all sorts of clothing wear like sunglasses and much more.

This is my warning to you, skin cancer are commonly found on your hands, ears, forearms and you face and neck. This is really bad and it can lead to death very fast, so make sure you are using sunblock so your body can be healthy!  

If you would like to have a safe and healthy life you should always remember to SLIP,SLOP,SLAP and WRAP.

Capital Letters

Capital letters are letters that are at the beginning of a sentence or geographical places like city or countries. Some people might call them Upper case, capitals or the big letters. The height limit is the line above the line you are writing on.

Topic paragraph:
One Place that Capitals are used is in peoples names. E.g My name is Collin or Hi my name is Joseph, Mrs Garden ( Teacher ) told me that it’s a way of giving respect to one another, like saying you are more important than a non living thing like a pencil.

Topic paragraph:
Did you know that Capitals are also in Titles of Movies, Books and much more? You have to put a capitals in front of the story or movies so that you can understand the writing and a little bit of what the movie is abouts.


Topic paragraph:\
Geographical Places City, Countries or Continent
Another place you can find Capitals are in places but if you want to act smart then you can say geographical places, when I say geographical I mean like cities, countries or Continents. Lets start with Continents, there are 7 different Continents called Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Oceania. As you can see they all have capitals.

Topic paragraph:
There are many other places you can use Capitals but for my last paragraph, I have chosen Dates. Did you know that Monday has a capital because it is one of the days of the week? Not only days of the week have capitals also months and special holidays do too. For example Religious holidays like Easter and Christmas. Another E.g I am entering America exactly at 2:45 am.

Now that you know a lot about Capitals you can teach more people.

Use my brain, Use my heart, I’m going to be Cyber smart

What is ‘use my brain, use my heart, I’m going to be cyber smart’ and how can it help you?
It is a motto for Point England school students that use a tablet or a chromebook. It reminds you that you should use your brain and think about it, use your heart and remember that you can’t go on gmail when you are supposed to be on school

Paragraph 2:
What does ‘use my brain’ mean? How would you do this? Give an example.

Paragraph 3:
What does ‘use my heart’ mean? How would you do this? Give an example.

Paragraph 4:
What does ‘being cyber smart’ mean? How would you do this? Why is this important? Give an example.

Final statements about ‘use my brain, use my heart, I’m going to be cyber smart’. How can this help you?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Camp Bentzon Camp Writing

Collin Camp Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

On Tuesday morning the year 6’s from Pt England School went on a very exciting trip to Camp Bentzon. All year 6 students arrive at school before 7:00 am so they could leave early for SandSpit, that’s where we waited for the ferry. Before we left to Sandspit we loaded our luggage on to the bus.

The bus drive was really long, we drove all the way past Harbour bridge then into the woods and over many hills, we finally reached Sandspit and all the leaders from each team had to load the luggage onto the ferry. We first went to the park and played for quite a long time then we hurried back so we wouldn't be late.

As we left the Dock we had a marvelous view of the blue sea as we waved goodbye to the man who gave us the food for camp. Everyone was trying to look for dolphins but there was nothing in sight. We were almost there so the teachers told all the boys to stand to do the haka, so we stood up and sang our haka.

After we finished our haka all students left the boat and stood in one straight line so we could all have a turn on taking the gear, food and bags. Then we had a little time to look around the place and then we had to go back to load our bags into our cabins it was really tiring, I had to refill my bottle at least 3 times.

My cabin was great I sleeping in my cabin was Taimana, Promise, Cyrus and Sateki. We ate lollies and lots of chocolate, well at least I did I snuck some chocolate out of my mum's bag and put it under my pillow. After one day our cabin was already messy but we cleaned it from top to bottom it was spotless and we also came first in cleanest cabins.

Out of all the activities, my favourite was sailing. Peter one of the people who lived their was our instructor. He told us what the most important job was and it was holding the tiller not holding the sale it was really fun because me and Oloti Pao one of my group members were just cruising around back and forth.

My Second favourite game was orientering, it’s my second because my team and I worked together in finding all the letters it was tricky but we manage to get them before everyone it was the camp record, well not really but it was stall fun. I’d say that the laziest person in my team was Damian but the fittest was Oloti I wasn’t surprised he was the only person that could keep up with me in the fitness runs early in the morning.

Most of the watersports were really amusing one of my favourite was diving of the pontoon, out of all the year 6’s I was the 2cd person to get onto the pontoon. Jordan was the first and Stevenson was the third they are both from team Bentzon. I took a video of me with the GoPro it was so cool, Mrs Garden screamed when I jumped.

Camp was really cool and I can’t wait until the year 5’s go they're, you guys are going to have so much fun Especially if you see a wallaby.  

Monday, 17 November 2014

Favourite Things

Free blog Writing
My version of Favourite Things

Family and Outings
and hanging with my mates,
Movies and snack nights
and staying up so late,
downloading music, so I can sing,
these are a few of my favourite things.

Chocolate and ice cream
with sprinkles and candy,
toppings and syrup would sure come in handy,
Kentucky fried chicken,
especially the wings,
these are a few of my favourite things.

Easter and Christmas
and gifts on my birthday,
Trips with my family
to the beach on a Sunday.
Playgrounds and swimming
in Summer and Spring
These are a few of my favourite thiiiiiinnnnngggggs
When the bell goes
for our lunch break,
it makes me feel glad,
I get to hang out with my mates out of class,

and then I don't feel so bad

Thursday, 13 November 2014


We are learning about the different Wildlife at Kawau Island and I have chosen to write a google presentation about the interesting birds like Peacock, Fantail and the Gannet.

In 1844 the discovery of copper was made by Alexander Kinghorn and his miners, who at the time were mining for manganese ore one Great Barrier Island. The British company that owned Kawau decided to form a subsidiary company called Kawau Company, especially formed to run the mining operations on Kawau Island.

Later, in 1855 the Company sold the Island to Hugh Mackay and Edward Spence after ll mining operations on Kawau stopped.
In 1858 on Mackays death the island was sold to James W. Buckland and in 1862 sir George Grey bought Kawau Island.

My Kawau Postcard

We are learning about Kawau Island before we go on the trip to this wonderful place and today I had to write a postcard to one of my friends from the perspective of a person who is or wants to be there.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Puppet Disaster

This is my non real article about the Disaster at the theatre.

My Daily News

This is one of my task it is not true but it is really interesting. We are learning about Kawau Islands wildlife so I created I fake Newspaper story on a horrific creature.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Rap For Camp

Now, this is the story all about how
My team won camp but just wait how
I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
But first I tell you how we are the winners of this year

In Aotearoa, born and raised
On the court is where I spend most of my days
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool
And all shootin' some B-ball inside of the school
When Ms flavell came it wasn’t good
She started telling me I’m a Leader now.
Sure i’ll pack some chocolate I tell my mum but mom says the opposite

We went on a fairy and travelled to kawau
the things we saw were really cool
we might just see dolphin swimming I say nah lets go to kawau

I walk up to the mansion and then I see my cabin I turn around my home isn’t cleaner I thought to myself why not sleep but then I said no I need to lead.

My team is great because we are going to exterminate