Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immerion Assembly

On the first day of term 2 Point England school had an Immersion Assembly where teachers from all teams presented what they are learning about for the rest of the term.

During the assembly I found out that the funny team one kids are going to be learning about their favourite things and how it can be turned into art. Miss George and the other team one teachers, Miss Wild, Miss Peck, Miss Lal and Miss Dwyer had made a movie of their favourite things and had a quiz at the end, it showed who was paying attention. The prize was a mini size Whittakers chocolate.

The next item was team 2 and they are learning about the different seasons and the amazing colours that come with them, like how Winter has a sparkly blue and white colour when it comes and how autumn has a darker colour like brown, red and maroon, I would probably call them warm colours. So the team 2 teachers (Mrs Nalder, Miss Tumahai, Miss Eadie and Miss Szymanik) and their students will be learning about what colours come with which season.

Then it was team 3's turn and they had made another movie but this time it was about Grand Designs. Mr Blakey was the host and all the other teacher's in team 3 acted in the movie as well. The movie was about how 4 people who shared the same dream found each other on Facebook and decided to make their dream a reality. Their dream was to find the best location so that they could build their DREAM HOUSE. That's when I found out that team 3 students are learning about architectural designs and graphs.

An extra video was made by the team four teachers and it was so funny. There video was about made up superheros and an evil villain named Bear Baxendine who loves stealing chromebooks and how one day he decided to steal Bobby Johns chromebook but was stop by Bat Guy, Wondering  Women and Team Leader America. Team 4 are focusing on comic books and how comics come with more pictures than words.

Finally, I  saved the best for last the incredibly talented team 5 teacher's had choreographed a play about Point England’s team houses and what each waka’s true meaning is , Hine Moana is the Lady of the Sea, Te Aurere is the blood, sweat and tears, Hokule'a is the growing earth and Hikianalia is rising up into the guiding constellation of the stars. I thought the play was amazing.

This term our focus is the different colours that come with the waka’s and the design I can't wait until we start creating things


  1. i like the way u explain about what happend and thank u for helping me

  2. I liked the way you talked about the team fours characters in the video and how you talked about the four wakas

  3. I liked the way you talked about the team fours characters in the video and how you talked about the four wakas


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