Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fiafia 2016

Intro: This year (2016) Point England School is having another Fiafia production, which is on Thursday this week. Fiafia is about welcoming all students from Pt England to come and perform for different cultural dances or other fun performances. This amazing event has been going on for over 20 years and happens every 2 years ever since 2013 until now.

This year I’ve decided to join the Senior Samoan group, I stand in the back row with all the boys. The person who teaches us the my mum Miss Timmi or Miss Nouata, Miss West and Miss Va’afusuaga. My favourite part is when we move into the shape of the letter V and when do a little sa’sa which is a samoan slap dance.

The Samoan group and I have been practising in the year 7 and 8 block for over 5 weeks now and we’ve almost got it. In the front the girls dance gracefully and at the back the boys follow with a bit more stronger actions. Our song we’re using is called Samoa e Maopoopo Mai by Vaniah Toloa.

For Fiafia I am an MC with three others Marilyn, Jordan and Elizabeth, we have been practising for only two days, luckily we don’t have to memorise the script. Tomorrow we have to be there at six o'clock or earlier if we want to buy some delicious sweets, drinks or supa’s which is yummy meats with taro and sometimes potato salad.

Yesterday we had a rehearsal and went through all the acts, I had been practising as an MC and last night Whaia Saffron helped me to say the Maori parts. My favourite group would have to be Miss Clark's group called Junior Hip Hop or Mrs Samuels group. Miss Clark because of the song selection and Mrs Samuels because of the dance moves.

I can’t wait to perform, I also can’t wait to eat the food. There are only about 12 stalls this year and there are 3 raffles for seafood, a barbeque pack and a breakfast pack. Hopefully it doesn’t rain tonight because if it does everyone is going to get wet and then no one will be happy. I’m not really nervous I’m just extra excited.

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