Friday, 11 September 2015

My Trip to Taupo

Last week on Friday the 4th of September my parents took me to Taupo so I could compete in a rugby tournament.

After an exhausting five hour drive my parents and I had finally made it to Taupo, a town known for its Geothermal activity in other words it smells of rotten eggs. I was so bored I couldn’t wait to get out of the car to reach my destination which was the All Seasons Holiday Kiwi Park as my legs were aching due to the lack of space in the car.

Half an hour later we had finished getting settled in and I went for a little tour around the amazing resort. there I saw a park, a kitchen, a thermal pool and a lot more. When I saw the kitchen it made my stomach growl like a lion I was so hungry I could eat a whole cow. The only bad thing was that I wasn’t aloud to eat because I had to stay under the weight limit of 55 kg's and I had to weigh at 6:00pm.

At 6:00pm the team and I took about a 10 minute drive down and gathered at the Owen Delany Park where we had to weighed in. When it was my turn to weigh I was so concerned, just the thought of me not making it was so nerve racking. Luckily I only ate 3 lollies and I weighed in at 54.7 kg’s and I was allowed to play for the under twelve's Grammer Tech team, after we that everyone went back to their hotels to rest for the next day.

The very next morning I got ready and my parents and I drove down to the park where we would play our first game. We played 3 games and lost one we played against teams like Marist North Harbour, Wai Kanai Coastal and a lot more. After a long day of playing rugby, we won two and lost one, I was very tired and hungry when I went home I ate some Mcdonald's, Chicken, Ice, Lollies, Chocolate and loads more, and after that I rested for another day.

On Sunday we played three games again and it was amazing everyone played incredibly awesome but in the end my team (Grammar Tech Under 12) ended up winning our grades Cup. In the final we played against Carlton Grammar it was like we were playing for our lives. Everyone was doing their job which was tackling, running up hard and strong, and it was so amazing.

But that wasn’t the exciting part the most exciting part was when the Referee called full time and the score was 17 to 12 to us. We jump up into the air while Grammar Carlton started crying with anger on their face, I was so happy I couldn’t explain it. Everyone was so happy and relieved because it was finally over.

So at the end the most exciting part for me was winning and after that we traveled back to Glen Innes to see the family.

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