Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Halloween Facts

Trick or treating is one of my favourite thing in the world, I like it because of the lollies people give out and the decoration, but what's the whole point of trick or treating. Here are some thing I have found out in my class.

 Halloween was first called all hallows day, then people started calling it hallows evening,soon after people started calling it hallows eve,to shorten it up people change it to Halloween. People had made a special food, that was called soul cakes, each cake represented a soul that had died in the past year and as the cake was eaten, it was believed that if the soul had gone to Purgatory, it was then released.


  1. very good son! remember the first couple of sentences in the beginning needed a few "?" - question marks as you were asking the reader a few things otherwise great effort remember to check and double check.

  2. much better after you actually read out aloud the original and saw where you needed to correct a few things so proud of you attempting new ways of starting sentences to make the story/article sound interesting to the reader., keep it up and yes this one counts Collin!


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