Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pizzas that desribe what Labour day is about.

Last week the year five and six Extension group learnt about Labour day. After we wrote down some things that we could make with the ingredients that we had to make pizza’s that describe what it is about.

Labour day was first celebrated in New Zealand 28th of October 1890. Labour day is a public holiday because of a carpenter named Samuel Parnells did not want to work more than eight hours a day. New Zealand is not the only country that celebrates Labour day there's countries like Canada,Bahamas,Australia,Jamaica,Trinidad and Tobago and also the United States Of America. 

There are so many countries that celebrate this day

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  1. Hi Collin thanks for the instructional video of how you made your pizza. I would now like to read how your pizza's details relate to labour day. Did you use a particular number of ingredients to represent the different facts around Labour Day?


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