Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Some thing about Goats and Sheep

How many of you would rather have a sheep then a goat? I know I would because of its wool. There wool is nice and warm and it keeps you warm to. Sometimes sheep wool is ruff,muddy and to thick,that's the wool that some people don't like.

People like wool because it can be turned into a beanie, jumper or a pair of mittens. Goats are kind of like sheep but they're not, they have similarities like they both produce milk they both have horns and they’re both really woolly.

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  1. make sure you check "spelling" son, you had the word (there) instead of (their) in the 2nd sentence. Try not to repeat yourself for example where you had written,,, "the wool is nice and warm and it keeps you warm too" otherwise you are starting to get the hang of this and its great!!


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