Thursday, 28 November 2013

What do these parts of plants mean?

1. Roots = C. Part of a plants that soaks up water and minerals

2. Stem = E. Part of a plant that holds and protects seeds

3. Leaves = A. Part of a plant that makes seeds  

4. flowers = D. Part of a plant used for support and has tubes for carrying food,water, and minerals

5. Fruit = A. Part of a plant that makes food  

Part 2

6. Chlorophyll = F. A green pigment that is found in plants’ leaves that help the plant make food

7. Photosynthesis = H. The process that plants use to make food

8. Sugar = G. The type of food that plants make in their leaves

9. Oxygen = J. A type of gas that is released into the air after Photosynthesis

10. Carbon dioxide = I. A type of gas that plants need for Photosynthesis

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