Sunday, 1 December 2013

My version of a tale.

A few years ago there was a man named Will he was looking after his granddaughter Jane ,she was very kind and sweet. One day her grandfather called her inside so that she could sell their dog Murph. While she was walking in the woods Murph went to the toilet then something caught her eye it was a boy, his name was Chad no one knew his last name because he was always disappearing. She had left Murph all alone but he had already run of.

 Jane forgot about selling Murph so she left Chad but then she heard him screaming and ran back, but he was gone. Then she heard a wolfs howl. So she ran as fast as could, until she stopped she could take no more. She felt like someone was watching her then someone came out of the trees yelling out Jane Jane Jane!!! it was grandpa Will she was so relieved to see him.

 The very next day Chad thought about him and Jane and decided that hey could be no more so he left, but all these years he was watching over her wishing one day they could be together once and for all.But over the years Jane had passed away so Chad had killed himself so he could be with the one person he loved.

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