Tuesday, 3 December 2013

President Lisa George

In the U.S. President Lisa George was preparing for her meeting with Prince Adam. President Lisa was extremely annoying she would brag about anything great she did, almost everyone in the country hated her especially Basil Smith the biggest criminal in the entire country.

 When Prince Adam came Lisa started to brag and brag and brag until finally she stopped, Prince Adam pulled of his mask and Lisa gasped " Basil Smith I should of known it was you " yes it is me and I am here to send you away to a faraway country" " never in a million years she shouted out guards" no one came because Prince Adams guards had taken over the white house.

 Soon later Lisa was sent to another country where no one could find her. She tried and tried but nothing. Until one of the guards left the door open, it was time for her to escape but how she thought she saw three doors open and ran out there was a jet waiting for Basil but she was too late.

 When she got back to U.S. she had told the real Prince that an imposter had taken over his guards and was heading their way. They had gotten prepared for the battle with Basil, but no one came they waited and waited but nothing .Lisa heard a sound of a helicopter and in came through the window shooting everything but Lisa And Prince Adam managed to escape.

 Finally they had caught Basil and he went to jail for all the crime scenes that he performed. Lisa and Adam went and looked after their countries. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

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