Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Glow in the Park

Today me and my friends Taimana, Stevenson, and Jordan went to see the glow in the park show, it was really fun we got to dance sing an get glow sticks. There were dancing competition with parents or by yourself. When we got there almost everyone was dancing and enjoying them selves.

Soon later me and Taimana started to collect glow sticks and make necklaces and many other things. Then we started to be a little silly. I had lots of fun because I was with my best friends. I really enjoyed myself and I hope they did to I hope I go next year.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Good Bye

Today on Friday 20th of December me and my family had a BBQ for my grandparents because they are leaving tomorrow to the beautiful island of Samoa. We are really going to miss them, that's why I'am making a few paragraphs to say good bye just like my oldest sister Jay'lee leaving to start a new chapter in her life. 

We are all going to miss them and I hope they come back soon because they are really kind to us and it's almost Christmas. I hope they have a safe flight and have a great time. Everyone needs Christmas joy and mine is with my Family what would you do if your family wasn't with you to celebrate.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Netbook Reflection

There are many things I have learnt from my teacher like how to use my Chromebook and many more. He has taught me was how to measure the area of a triangle and a square. The significant thing I learnt was when I found out about Morse code and how people used it in the titanic many years ago. Then I found out how the would pronounce it and what it would look like it.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

President Lisa George

In the U.S. President Lisa George was preparing for her meeting with Prince Adam. President Lisa was extremely annoying she would brag about anything great she did, almost everyone in the country hated her especially Basil Smith the biggest criminal in the entire country.

 When Prince Adam came Lisa started to brag and brag and brag until finally she stopped, Prince Adam pulled of his mask and Lisa gasped " Basil Smith I should of known it was you " yes it is me and I am here to send you away to a faraway country" " never in a million years she shouted out guards" no one came because Prince Adams guards had taken over the white house.

 Soon later Lisa was sent to another country where no one could find her. She tried and tried but nothing. Until one of the guards left the door open, it was time for her to escape but how she thought she saw three doors open and ran out there was a jet waiting for Basil but she was too late.

 When she got back to U.S. she had told the real Prince that an imposter had taken over his guards and was heading their way. They had gotten prepared for the battle with Basil, but no one came they waited and waited but nothing .Lisa heard a sound of a helicopter and in came through the window shooting everything but Lisa And Prince Adam managed to escape.

 Finally they had caught Basil and he went to jail for all the crime scenes that he performed. Lisa and Adam went and looked after their countries. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

My version of a tale.

A few years ago there was a man named Will he was looking after his granddaughter Jane ,she was very kind and sweet. One day her grandfather called her inside so that she could sell their dog Murph. While she was walking in the woods Murph went to the toilet then something caught her eye it was a boy, his name was Chad no one knew his last name because he was always disappearing. She had left Murph all alone but he had already run of.

 Jane forgot about selling Murph so she left Chad but then she heard him screaming and ran back, but he was gone. Then she heard a wolfs howl. So she ran as fast as could, until she stopped she could take no more. She felt like someone was watching her then someone came out of the trees yelling out Jane Jane Jane!!! it was grandpa Will she was so relieved to see him.

 The very next day Chad thought about him and Jane and decided that hey could be no more so he left, but all these years he was watching over her wishing one day they could be together once and for all.But over the years Jane had passed away so Chad had killed himself so he could be with the one person he loved.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

What do these parts of plants mean?

1. Roots = C. Part of a plants that soaks up water and minerals

2. Stem = E. Part of a plant that holds and protects seeds

3. Leaves = A. Part of a plant that makes seeds  

4. flowers = D. Part of a plant used for support and has tubes for carrying food,water, and minerals

5. Fruit = A. Part of a plant that makes food  

Part 2

6. Chlorophyll = F. A green pigment that is found in plants’ leaves that help the plant make food

7. Photosynthesis = H. The process that plants use to make food

8. Sugar = G. The type of food that plants make in their leaves

9. Oxygen = J. A type of gas that is released into the air after Photosynthesis

10. Carbon dioxide = I. A type of gas that plants need for Photosynthesis

The Titanic

Name of ship
Name of shipping Company
White star
Length of ship
294 Metres
Date of maiden voyage
10th of April 1912
Captains Name
Edward J Smith

2. Where was the Titanic sailing to on its maiden voyage? New York

3.  Approximately how many were on board the Titanic when it left Southampton? 1500

4.Why do you think the Titanic hit the iceberg? Because it was too long to move

5. Why did so many people die? Because the White star company thought it never sinks so they didn't design enough life boats.

6. What is the signal ‘SOS’ a call for? SAVE OUR SOULS?

7. The Titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in the passage.Words similar in meaning are called synonyms Can you find another word in the passage similar in meaning to the ship? Fairy

8. Find words in the passage that mean:

Cut Sliced
Died Perished
First Maiden
Cold Icy
Crisis Emergency

saved rescue

What would I be next Year?

                                          These are some of the thing I'm doing this year and some things I wish to be next                                          
                                          Year when I'm Year 6.
Year 5             To        Year 6
Camp leader

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pizzas that desribe what Labour day is about.

Last week the year five and six Extension group learnt about Labour day. After we wrote down some things that we could make with the ingredients that we had to make pizza’s that describe what it is about.

Labour day was first celebrated in New Zealand 28th of October 1890. Labour day is a public holiday because of a carpenter named Samuel Parnells did not want to work more than eight hours a day. New Zealand is not the only country that celebrates Labour day there's countries like Canada,Bahamas,Australia,Jamaica,Trinidad and Tobago and also the United States Of America. 

There are so many countries that celebrate this day

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Halloween Facts

Trick or treating is one of my favourite thing in the world, I like it because of the lollies people give out and the decoration, but what's the whole point of trick or treating. Here are some thing I have found out in my class.

 Halloween was first called all hallows day, then people started calling it hallows evening,soon after people started calling it hallows eve,to shorten it up people change it to Halloween. People had made a special food, that was called soul cakes, each cake represented a soul that had died in the past year and as the cake was eaten, it was believed that if the soul had gone to Purgatory, it was then released.

Some thing about Goats and Sheep

How many of you would rather have a sheep then a goat? I know I would because of its wool. There wool is nice and warm and it keeps you warm to. Sometimes sheep wool is ruff,muddy and to thick,that's the wool that some people don't like.

People like wool because it can be turned into a beanie, jumper or a pair of mittens. Goats are kind of like sheep but they're not, they have similarities like they both produce milk they both have horns and they’re both really woolly.

Maths work

Today my class had to solve three questions and answer it in two ways. To solve these questions I have used  different strategies like split the factors, add the parts, and switching them around. Here are three questions that I have solved.

 Sean has 267 credits in Maths Whizz at the start of the week and has 523 at the end of the week. How many credits did he earn over the week = 256

12 boxes each contain 29 toys.How many toys is that in total =348

3.675 + ___ = 7.4 = 3.725 

Wakaama Training

Yesterday afternoon my friends and I went to wakaama training. Wakaama is when you are paddling in a dragon boat. We have to pull, push and stay strong because there are a lot of angry waves willing to push us back. In our boat there is a group of six, we have Tai, Louis, Jordan, Aaron (who is our coach) , Steve and of course theres me. My role in the waka is the hip caller it’s when I call out “hip” and that tells the boys when to change sides. Then theres Tai he’s the one that steers our waka and after that theres Louis, Jordan, and Steve they are strong paddlers and help the steerer. Wakaama training is really tiring but it helps me stay strong and I enjoy paddling with my boys.

Monday, 4 November 2013

My writing test

Today my class and I went on a school field trip to a farm. Everyone was so excited including my best friends Hailey,Zane and Shyla. We had been best friends since kindergarten.The only thing everyone hated was when we had to go in the bus, because Miss Frog was always singing a very very long song that we thought was never ever going to stop until we arrived.

 As soon as we got there we saw all sorts of trees and farm animals it was beautiful then we split up in groups of four. While wandering through the farm we saw a huge barn yard with lots of animals like goats,cows, and hens it was amazing until Shyla heard a sound.

 The sound was coming from the barn Shyla said “Guys did you hear that” “Hear what” Zane replied ooooooooooooooo there it was again Hailey said “ it sounds like someone or something is in stress” so they went to check it out. When they were in the barn it was gone nothing was there except for blood stains all over the hay. They decided to be calm but then a man walk by giving them an angry look and yelled out “get out of my barn” thats when they scream and ran out as fast as their legs could take them.

 They went to the teacher but she was nowhere to be found, she was probably lost in the woods again. Until they finally found her and told her everything and she was shocked that they would do such thing so she called the police so they came as soon as possible.

 When the police arrived they found the man and but he explained everything The noise they heard was a cow giving birth “what about the blood stains on the hay” Hailey said that was also the cow giving birth. “What about you shouting at us” I said he said he was shouting at a rat who ate his cheese that was for breakfast. After he explained everything they apologized to him and said goodbye.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Some things about Halloween

Ugly Mask
Scary Masks
Haunted Houses

 Halloween is a place where people like to dress up in a scary costume.Some people like these day because you get to go to people’s house and get candy, sometimes you get extra if you act scary.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


On a scorching hot day my class went out to learn about orienteering, it was about running around the school and collecting stamps on a piece of paper that had some letters of the alphabet on it. Me and my partner Jordan Alofi came first and held the school record.We held a time of 10 minutes and 39 seconds. It was really fun coming first. After all that Jordan and I were wondering what our prize was.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

At the Airport

On Saturday afternoon the John family were packed and ready for their vacation to Australia. Stacey who is the John' familys only daughter didn’t want to go because she got invited to Erika Woods birthday party, Erika is the most popular girl in school and Stacey wanted to be just like her. Soon after they were on their way to the airport.

When they arrived at the airport a family had walk by and had the same bags as the John Family. The father was answering a phone call when they took the wrong bags and went to their flight. Mr John was very upset because he didn’t know who took them so they raced out to the front of the airport.

They ask everyone around but they had no luck until Stacey saw Jack Stewart, her best friend from school she ran up to him and said ”what are you doing here” Jack replied “I’m back from my vacation but we lost our luggage” Stacey then said "really, we lost ours to!"  Stacey then thought about it and yelled out "hey what kind of suitcase was it? " Jack yelled back " a red and black one” she replied " I have your suitcase here!" Jack was so happy that his bags had been found.

After their suitcases were back to the right owners they went to their flights and the John Family flew to Australia and the Stewart family returned home.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Man and his kids

The Intro
 Long long ago on a farm there was a old man named Mr Chang, he lived with his two sons Ping and Lang.Mrs Chang died while giving birth to Ping and Lang .The kids were very clumsy they had made mease almost everywhere in the village.

 Leaving the house
Because the children had made mease everywhere they got kick out of there house, Mr Chang was very poor but he was trying to save for his sons to go college. It was really hard because they needed money to pay there bills for the cottage house that they were sleeping in.Mr Chang only got paid 10 dollars every week .

 Camping in the woods
The next day the Chang family had gone camping in the woods because they had no where to sleep. Once they had settled in the two boys had set off to explore. But while walking one of the brothers slipped and fell into a cave and found himself stuck so he kept going until he saw a treasure chest in the center of a room. 

The treasure chest in the cave
 So he went and grabbed it and ran away.Then finally he had made it out but his father was really disappointed but then he showed him the chest and said “we can go home now”. The son opened it, but there was nothing in it except for a map to the real treasure. So the two sons and the father followed the map and carried on there journey.

This is my unedited story

This is my unedited version
Long long ago on a farm there was a old man named Chang he lived with his two sons Ping and Lang.Mrs Chang died while giving birth to Ping and Lang .Ping and Lang were very clumsy they had made mese everywhere .

Mr Chang was very poor but he was trying to save for his sons to go college. But they also needed money to pay there bills for the cottage house that they were sleeping in.It was really hard because Mr Chang only got paid 10 dollars in every week .

Friday, 18 October 2013

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to white Sunday day with my family.White Sunday is a day where you celebrate children.The children have to put on a play with some adults and make up a dance.

Everyone had a part to play. Our play was about three kings who everyone hated but one of the Kings had their head cut off and the person who wrote was my dads uncle.

 There were three groups called South Central and GI.After all that we went home and had dinner. We had KFC and Wendy's it was delicious everyone had fun but then it was that time when we all had to go home.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Facts about farmers

  • Who is in charge of the sheep in the farm.
  • Where can you get animals for the farm
  • When did they make the farm.
  • What might the animals do on the farm.
  • Why would farmers protect animals.
    How would famers help the environment
    How did they come up with the name farm

Friday, 6 September 2013

Jane starts school

Jane Starts School from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

On Friday morning my little sister got her surprise called welcome to Point England in assembly so I decided to write about it with my with my friend stevenson so we made a movie about it.

             Welcome to Pt England

Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country Fun run

My feet pounding and my heart pumping running and running I started to get tired but I kept going.On thursday morning at school we were having Cross country.There were many teams like Te aroha Takitimu Tainui and matatoa.After lunch the teachers had set up the race and we were all waiting in the hot sun for our turn to run. I was in the line of the ten year old boys.

 Everyone was sitting down on the concrete while listening to where we have to run.We had to run around the reserve and come back we all thought it was easy but we were wrong .When it was our turn to run we stood up and walked to the starting line and stretched this way and that way.

 Ready set GO!!! I sprinted and sprinted until I couldn't take another breath but kept going.I ran past the teachers and I was almost there thats when I sprinted away and came tenth place. After all that I went and had a drink and went to class to play games.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

3 paragraphs

listen to ‘Collin’ on Audioboo
Once upon a time there was a girl named Little red riding hood.One day her grandma fell ill and she wanted to deliver some goodies to her so off she went.While wandering through the wood she skipped onto the wrong path and realised that a wolf was sneaking up behind her. he gently asked, “Where are you going little girl?” she replied softly of to my grandma’s house goodbye.The wolf raced ahead and and arrived to... grandma’s house he walk in and gobbled up the old lady.Little red had just walked in and he had also munched and munched her up.Luckily the hunter walk in and shot the wolf and out popped grandma and little red.They happily ever after.

This story is telling me not talk to strangers,follow the right path and to listen to your parents.

The moral of the story is to not to talk to strangers and to listen to your parents

Using speech marks

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Little red riding hood

Once upon a time … there was a little girl named little red riding hood, she lived in a small cottage house with her mother. One day her grandma fell ill so little red riding hood went to deliver some goodies to her. Little red's mother had always told her to follow the footpath and especially not to talk to strangers, so off she went into the deep dark woods and on her way to see her grandma.

 As Little red is skipping along through the forest something catches her attention, out from behind a tree flew a little yellow butterfly. Little red decided to chase after it, but she realised that she was no longer on the right path and then remembered what her mother had told her, "always follow the path Little red"! Before she could get herself back onto the path she felt like suspicious eyes were upon her, she turned suddenly and saw that wolf popped out of the tree’s.

 He said what are you doing on this side of the forest, I’m of to deliver some goodies to my grandma said little red.While thinking of his plan he asked, “does grandma live on her own” oh yes replied little red the wolf said suspiciously oh well I’ll see you soon, then off she went singing along the way.Running and running as fast as he can the faster he arrived at his destination... to grandma’s house.

 The wolf knocked on the door grandma said, “whos there” the wolf replied “it’s me little red” trying to hide his Husky voice.Grandma said oh I’m so glad to see you little red the wolf said me too the old lady screamed to the top of her lungs, and with one swallow grandma disappeared.That moment little red knocked on the door the wolf quickly got dress and little red open the door but BANG!!! the wolf was dead the hunter walked in and and said finally you won’t scare anyone anymore.Little red walk in and saw that grandma popped out of the wolf’s belly and hugged little red and after that they lived happily ever after.
The End

Friday, 2 August 2013

My Rewritten Story

listen to ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ on Audioboo
One day in the farm there was a hare named Speedy he saw a really really slow Tortoise the hare thought Tortoise's head was shaped like a ball of cabbage and his feet looked like brussel sprouts Speedy laughed and laughed until Fox jumped out of the hedge row.Fox said Speedy why are you laughing don’t you know that Tortoise hibernates hiber what said Speedy hibernates it means that they sleep all winter all winter said Speedy he must be the laziest creature on the planet no you are wrong said Fox.Alright then lets see this hibernates. Fox said what about a challenge a running challenge easy peasy said Speedy.

So the very next day in the afternoon Fox setup the race while he was making deals to the mouse,horse and the badger.Thats when started on your marks get set GO!!.Speedy race of an then stop and saw that Tortoise was far behind he hadn’t even move over the starting line.Thats when Speedy realized I have already past two hills there’s know way he’ll pass me.So thats when the hare decided to go chew on a nice juicy leaf.He said it such a glorious day sun shining grasshopers singing so he dozed of.
A few hours later Speedy woke up it was almost Midnight he race to the finish line and saw that all the animals were gone except for the mouse horse and badger.Speedy yelled out what's my prize. The mouse squealed what’s your prize your is that we have to do Foxes draws for the week.Speedy raced off and yelled out happy cleaning.                     
                                                          THE END
Slow and steady Wins the race!!!!!!


What is a Friend,a friend is someone who is kind,happy and reliable.What makes a good Friend,what makes a good friend is to be a great listener and be honest.Why are they important,they are important because they always stick by your side no madder what.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Whale facts

Whales are the largest animals in the world. They have a thick layer of fat witch is called blubber it helps them keep warm in the freezing cold water. They also have a jaw bone that helps them catch food.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Trip With A Panda

In the morning my friend Sam the panda wanted to go on a trip to the fair.So I said "lets get ready". We were going to drive there but Sam couldn't fit in the car so our only choice was to walk.Half an hour later Sam started to get hungry but I said "I have no money you ate it all you thought it was lettuce".I looked around but there was nothing excepted for some grass and leaves around. One hour later Sam was getting tired of walking and fell flat on the ground BANG!!. I’m tired moaned Sam.”Do you want to go to the fair and eat some fried lettuce”I DO I DO I DO Sam said.Then get up so we can get there faster. We were still walking until we got to the corner. We were all most there until Sam got really really tired and all I could hear was a snoring panda. So I called a taxi and he took us home.

Adelie and Emperor Penguins

Here are some facts about the Emperor and Adelie penguin

Friday, 10 May 2013

Will.I.AM'S Visit To Pt England School

WilI.I.Am visits Pt England School from SchoolTV on Vimeo.
Today Point England school saw a very special person from East L.A his name was Will.I.AM.When we met him he was really generous and cool.Everyone loved him because he encourage us to work harder follow our dreams and to choose our friends carefully.

It was really cool meeting him in person and getting to sing to Will.I.AM. We sang to him because he gave us a check for 100'000'00.That day was extremely cool for me.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Easter Holiday

In the afternoon on easter monday me and my sisters were hunting for easter eggs. The eggs were every where we were turning the house upside down to find them. While my sisters were fighting over one egg I was too busy finding more .    

When the eggs were all found mostly by me. We counted them up and I had the most after that we ate them all and and after that we went straight to sleep.