Friday, 18 October 2013

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to white Sunday day with my family.White Sunday is a day where you celebrate children.The children have to put on a play with some adults and make up a dance.

Everyone had a part to play. Our play was about three kings who everyone hated but one of the Kings had their head cut off and the person who wrote was my dads uncle.

 There were three groups called South Central and GI.After all that we went home and had dinner. We had KFC and Wendy's it was delicious everyone had fun but then it was that time when we all had to go home.

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  1. so happy to see you write about white sunday son! you forgot to mention how funny your dad was playing the part of the bad king and the fact that you played the part of one of the kings guards. bet you wish it was white sunday every day huh? so that you get fed like kings and get a day off chores and growlings!! lol


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