Tuesday, 29 October 2013

At the Airport

On Saturday afternoon the John family were packed and ready for their vacation to Australia. Stacey who is the John' familys only daughter didn’t want to go because she got invited to Erika Woods birthday party, Erika is the most popular girl in school and Stacey wanted to be just like her. Soon after they were on their way to the airport.

When they arrived at the airport a family had walk by and had the same bags as the John Family. The father was answering a phone call when they took the wrong bags and went to their flight. Mr John was very upset because he didn’t know who took them so they raced out to the front of the airport.

They ask everyone around but they had no luck until Stacey saw Jack Stewart, her best friend from school she ran up to him and said ”what are you doing here” Jack replied “I’m back from my vacation but we lost our luggage” Stacey then said "really, we lost ours to!"  Stacey then thought about it and yelled out "hey what kind of suitcase was it? " Jack yelled back " a red and black one” she replied " I have your suitcase here!" Jack was so happy that his bags had been found.

After their suitcases were back to the right owners they went to their flights and the John Family flew to Australia and the Stewart family returned home.

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  1. i read the original one you printed before this copy and asked you to read it to me, then by encouraging you to proof-read and double check before you print you got to see the difference, its important to check your work that you post on here Collin! so that it makes sense to the reader go back to the table provided and go off that to help you,,,you have great stories to tell so tell it well...keep practising son!!! great job


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