Friday, 25 October 2013

The Man and his kids

The Intro
 Long long ago on a farm there was a old man named Mr Chang, he lived with his two sons Ping and Lang.Mrs Chang died while giving birth to Ping and Lang .The kids were very clumsy they had made mease almost everywhere in the village.

 Leaving the house
Because the children had made mease everywhere they got kick out of there house, Mr Chang was very poor but he was trying to save for his sons to go college. It was really hard because they needed money to pay there bills for the cottage house that they were sleeping in.Mr Chang only got paid 10 dollars every week .

 Camping in the woods
The next day the Chang family had gone camping in the woods because they had no where to sleep. Once they had settled in the two boys had set off to explore. But while walking one of the brothers slipped and fell into a cave and found himself stuck so he kept going until he saw a treasure chest in the center of a room. 

The treasure chest in the cave
 So he went and grabbed it and ran away.Then finally he had made it out but his father was really disappointed but then he showed him the chest and said “we can go home now”. The son opened it, but there was nothing in it except for a map to the real treasure. So the two sons and the father followed the map and carried on there journey.

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  1. Hi Collin,
    What an interesting story you have posted! I wonder what the two sons and their father find????? Keep up the awesome work!
    from The Best Goal Keeper in G.I hehe


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