Monday, 19 October 2015

The Secret Underground

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

As I opened the door to see my classmates deciding where they were going to sit for the next 10 weeks, the second school bell rang and suddenly everybody rushed into the street for the mihimihi and karakia.

After that all the students from Point England gathered inside the hall to learn what our topic was for term 4. All the teachers dressed up and had to perform an act of some kind that was related to our topic. This term topic is PES Survivors, we are learning how to adapt to our surroundings so that we can survive on planet earth.

Team 1 are sang karaoke and are going to the zoo to learn how the animal life now adapt in the zoo. Team 2 are learning about dinosaurs and how they didn’t learn to adapt and if it was the reason for their extinction, and team 3 are creating different kinds of dinosaurs.

The year 5 and 6 which is team 4 are learning about the different kinds of habitats and last but not least team 5 are learning about adaptation and how some people from different countries learn to adapt to survive in different places and climates.

My favourite part was when the team 5 teachers had an chopstick competition. It was funny when the teachers were complaining about Asia’s win, they thought it was unfair because in their country they don’t use chopsticks, or as they say, wooden sticks. Another funny part was when miss Peato complained and said that if there were some island food then she would have one.

My second favourite was when miss King and the team 3 teachers or in other words the team 3 disco dino’s dressed in a lot of colourful clothing and had some weird names. Miss King’s dinosaur name was Bosserapter, and mr Moran was called the muscle-osaurus, there were a lot of funny names and really cool acts but I can’t decide which was the best because they were all amazing.

I think that this terms topic is really cool and interesting, I can’t wait to learn more about this fun topic. Hopefully everyone else likes it as well.