Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 Narrative

This year's 2016 Olympic Games are being held in Rio De janeiro and we are coming up to our 11th event which is Women's Archery. Representing France, Sophie Argue and from Greece,  Arianna Galatas. We also have the last olympics women's archery winner all the way from Korea, Georgia Kyeon.

Last time she was here she had blinded her right eye. This had happened when she released an arrow near her eyeball, causing the arrow to cut her eye. The unfortunate setback gave her opponents an enormous advantage, which made her feel further away from the gold medal.

Luckily after the arrow had cut her eye it had hit the bullseye making her win first place. But this year like all the other contestants she has been training for four years and has qualified to play in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Scores had been getting higher and higher, 63, 67, 79 and 85. Next up, was Sophie Argue from France who was coming in first with a score of 94 points. Not soon after Korea prepared to go after Arianna Galatas from Greece.

Surprisingly Arianna had scored 87 points, putting her in second place but as the audience's silence filled the stadium they waited for Georgia.  As the words “ Georgia Kyeon please take your mark on the platform” flew through the stadium. It was time for her to take her one eyed shot. . .  

Just as she was going to shoot she hesitated. She remembered about last years incident and accidentally discharged the bullet like arrow.  As it sliced through the air the crowd slowly stood up and the disappointment in Georgia’s face was heartbreaking.

Then a loud thump had echoed all the way into Georgia's ears. She looked up while the crowd had cheered for her, then she scanned for the leader board and saw that she had scored 93 points putting her in second place. Georgia cried with tears of joy knowing that she had tried her best.

At the end Georgia held her medal high and was proud to represent her country even while coming in second place.
This story is not true it is a narrative which has been created by my imagination.


  1. Hi my name is Eli from Gilberthorpe School
    That story was great but I was just wondering what mad you want to write this.It was an awesome story could you maybe write more on that I would want to see more thanks bey. :)

  2. Hi Collin my name is Aaliyah.I'm from Gilberthorpe School.I enjoyed the part when Georgia scored into the bullseye. Why did you write this? How come you put this story is not true it is a narrative which has been created by my imagination?

  3. Hi I'm Maddison from Gilberthorpe School and I think your story is really good. I like the way you have done all of this with your imagination. I think you should do more stories like this. You can become an author in the future and I would read those books that you make and I would love to see more.

  4. Hi it is Caleb from Gilberthorpe School and I am a year six and I love,really love that fabulous story. It made me think of me at athletics at school when I came first doing discus.
    I also like how you have used your imagination and I want to be a olympion!

  5. Hi Collin it's Jake here from Gilberthorpe School. I'm here to tell you about your great story I like how you have made this story by your imagination. It reminds me of when I was at my old school and it was cross country day and I was half way from the finish line and I fell over and hurt myself really badly and I came second.

  6. Hi Colin, my name is Hunter and I am from Gilberthorpe school. I like your post because you have used heaps of imagination in the story. This post reminds me of earlier in this year I came first in cross country because this post is sport related. My advice is to maybe do a different sport next time.

  7. Hi my name is Sonny I'm from Gilberthorpe school I like your story.I think this is a good piece of work.
    That's cool you used your imaginations.

  8. Hey its Summer from gilberthorpe I really
    like how your story is really detailed and
    when i was reading I thought it was real but
    when I got to the end of the story I read how
    you said i't was a narrative and I was surprise.


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