Monday, 31 August 2015

Prevent Being Sick

In Auckland the winter season is also known as the Flu season, temperatures drop down to as low as three or four degrees celsius. Did you know that Flu is short for influenza, the flu is an infection diseases caused by the influenza virus. The following below will show you how to prevent the flu from spreading to you and your family.

One way to stay healthy and clean is to take a lot of Vitamin C. It helps because the citrus in fruits like oranges, lemons, limes and plenty more keep you refreshed and healthy for many more days. Vitamin C also helps prevent Scurvy.

Another way to prevent getting the flu is the flu shot also known as the influenza vaccine. But the CDC recommend the flu shot only be for people over the age of 6 months. For healthy working adults if they were to take this shot they probably would have a balanced protection against this particular disease

Now for something that doesn’t help like the weather, when the weather drops bodies start getting cold and that is how people get sick. It helps to wear the proper clothing like jumpers, scarves, gloves and maybe a blanket if necessary.

So, those are some things that you can do to prevent yourself from getting sick. If you do these things, you should feel nice and well and be able to physical things with your family and friends.

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  1. Great explanation Collin, I will definitely refer to this explanation next year when winter starts. Keep up the positive attitude towards learning!

    Miss Clark


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