Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Trip With A Panda

In the morning my friend Sam the panda wanted to go on a trip to the fair.So I said "lets get ready". We were going to drive there but Sam couldn't fit in the car so our only choice was to walk.Half an hour later Sam started to get hungry but I said "I have no money you ate it all you thought it was lettuce".I looked around but there was nothing excepted for some grass and leaves around. One hour later Sam was getting tired of walking and fell flat on the ground BANG!!. I’m tired moaned Sam.”Do you want to go to the fair and eat some fried lettuce”I DO I DO I DO Sam said.Then get up so we can get there faster. We were still walking until we got to the corner. We were all most there until Sam got really really tired and all I could hear was a snoring panda. So I called a taxi and he took us home.


  1. Hi Collin that a was very interesting story I enjoyed the word BANG !!!!!! and the panda moaning
    and groaning and yeah I just really enjoyed it yeah.

  2. What a funny story Collin. I think it would really help you if you planned your writing before you begin. It will organise your ideas and that way you can plan what will go in each paragraph. Remember that a narrative has 1, Introduction 2, Problem, 3, Action, 4, Solution. So there should be four paragraphs in a narrative. Plan first and then your wonderful ideas will flow better.

  3. Hi Collin great story it is very intresting and has alot of vocabulary. It hooked me in and it is so funny how he coudn't fit into the car. So funny . Great job.


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