Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Little red riding hood

Once upon a time … there was a little girl named little red riding hood, she lived in a small cottage house with her mother. One day her grandma fell ill so little red riding hood went to deliver some goodies to her. Little red's mother had always told her to follow the footpath and especially not to talk to strangers, so off she went into the deep dark woods and on her way to see her grandma.

 As Little red is skipping along through the forest something catches her attention, out from behind a tree flew a little yellow butterfly. Little red decided to chase after it, but she realised that she was no longer on the right path and then remembered what her mother had told her, "always follow the path Little red"! Before she could get herself back onto the path she felt like suspicious eyes were upon her, she turned suddenly and saw that wolf popped out of the tree’s.

 He said what are you doing on this side of the forest, I’m of to deliver some goodies to my grandma said little red.While thinking of his plan he asked, “does grandma live on her own” oh yes replied little red the wolf said suspiciously oh well I’ll see you soon, then off she went singing along the way.Running and running as fast as he can the faster he arrived at his destination... to grandma’s house.

 The wolf knocked on the door grandma said, “whos there” the wolf replied “it’s me little red” trying to hide his Husky voice.Grandma said oh I’m so glad to see you little red the wolf said me too the old lady screamed to the top of her lungs, and with one swallow grandma disappeared.That moment little red knocked on the door the wolf quickly got dress and little red open the door but BANG!!! the wolf was dead the hunter walked in and and said finally you won’t scare anyone anymore.Little red walk in and saw that grandma popped out of the wolf’s belly and hugged little red and after that they lived happily ever after.
The End

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  1. Great job Collin. I'm very please to see you attempting paragraphs.


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