Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country Fun run

My feet pounding and my heart pumping running and running I started to get tired but I kept going.On thursday morning at school we were having Cross country.There were many teams like Te aroha Takitimu Tainui and matatoa.After lunch the teachers had set up the race and we were all waiting in the hot sun for our turn to run. I was in the line of the ten year old boys.

 Everyone was sitting down on the concrete while listening to where we have to run.We had to run around the reserve and come back we all thought it was easy but we were wrong .When it was our turn to run we stood up and walked to the starting line and stretched this way and that way.

 Ready set GO!!! I sprinted and sprinted until I couldn't take another breath but kept going.I ran past the teachers and I was almost there thats when I sprinted away and came tenth place. After all that I went and had a drink and went to class to play games.

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