Monday, 4 November 2013

My writing test

Today my class and I went on a school field trip to a farm. Everyone was so excited including my best friends Hailey,Zane and Shyla. We had been best friends since kindergarten.The only thing everyone hated was when we had to go in the bus, because Miss Frog was always singing a very very long song that we thought was never ever going to stop until we arrived.

 As soon as we got there we saw all sorts of trees and farm animals it was beautiful then we split up in groups of four. While wandering through the farm we saw a huge barn yard with lots of animals like goats,cows, and hens it was amazing until Shyla heard a sound.

 The sound was coming from the barn Shyla said “Guys did you hear that” “Hear what” Zane replied ooooooooooooooo there it was again Hailey said “ it sounds like someone or something is in stress” so they went to check it out. When they were in the barn it was gone nothing was there except for blood stains all over the hay. They decided to be calm but then a man walk by giving them an angry look and yelled out “get out of my barn” thats when they scream and ran out as fast as their legs could take them.

 They went to the teacher but she was nowhere to be found, she was probably lost in the woods again. Until they finally found her and told her everything and she was shocked that they would do such thing so she called the police so they came as soon as possible.

 When the police arrived they found the man and but he explained everything The noise they heard was a cow giving birth “what about the blood stains on the hay” Hailey said that was also the cow giving birth. “What about you shouting at us” I said he said he was shouting at a rat who ate his cheese that was for breakfast. After he explained everything they apologized to him and said goodbye.

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