Friday, 28 November 2014

Capital Letters

Capital letters are letters that are at the beginning of a sentence or geographical places like city or countries. Some people might call them Upper case, capitals or the big letters. The height limit is the line above the line you are writing on.

Topic paragraph:
One Place that Capitals are used is in peoples names. E.g My name is Collin or Hi my name is Joseph, Mrs Garden ( Teacher ) told me that it’s a way of giving respect to one another, like saying you are more important than a non living thing like a pencil.

Topic paragraph:
Did you know that Capitals are also in Titles of Movies, Books and much more? You have to put a capitals in front of the story or movies so that you can understand the writing and a little bit of what the movie is abouts.


Topic paragraph:\
Geographical Places City, Countries or Continent
Another place you can find Capitals are in places but if you want to act smart then you can say geographical places, when I say geographical I mean like cities, countries or Continents. Lets start with Continents, there are 7 different Continents called Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Oceania. As you can see they all have capitals.

Topic paragraph:
There are many other places you can use Capitals but for my last paragraph, I have chosen Dates. Did you know that Monday has a capital because it is one of the days of the week? Not only days of the week have capitals also months and special holidays do too. For example Religious holidays like Easter and Christmas. Another E.g I am entering America exactly at 2:45 am.

Now that you know a lot about Capitals you can teach more people.

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