Thursday, 27 November 2014

Camp Bentzon Camp Writing

Collin Camp Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

On Tuesday morning the year 6’s from Pt England School went on a very exciting trip to Camp Bentzon. All year 6 students arrive at school before 7:00 am so they could leave early for SandSpit, that’s where we waited for the ferry. Before we left to Sandspit we loaded our luggage on to the bus.

The bus drive was really long, we drove all the way past Harbour bridge then into the woods and over many hills, we finally reached Sandspit and all the leaders from each team had to load the luggage onto the ferry. We first went to the park and played for quite a long time then we hurried back so we wouldn't be late.

As we left the Dock we had a marvelous view of the blue sea as we waved goodbye to the man who gave us the food for camp. Everyone was trying to look for dolphins but there was nothing in sight. We were almost there so the teachers told all the boys to stand to do the haka, so we stood up and sang our haka.

After we finished our haka all students left the boat and stood in one straight line so we could all have a turn on taking the gear, food and bags. Then we had a little time to look around the place and then we had to go back to load our bags into our cabins it was really tiring, I had to refill my bottle at least 3 times.

My cabin was great I sleeping in my cabin was Taimana, Promise, Cyrus and Sateki. We ate lollies and lots of chocolate, well at least I did I snuck some chocolate out of my mum's bag and put it under my pillow. After one day our cabin was already messy but we cleaned it from top to bottom it was spotless and we also came first in cleanest cabins.

Out of all the activities, my favourite was sailing. Peter one of the people who lived their was our instructor. He told us what the most important job was and it was holding the tiller not holding the sale it was really fun because me and Oloti Pao one of my group members were just cruising around back and forth.

My Second favourite game was orientering, it’s my second because my team and I worked together in finding all the letters it was tricky but we manage to get them before everyone it was the camp record, well not really but it was stall fun. I’d say that the laziest person in my team was Damian but the fittest was Oloti I wasn’t surprised he was the only person that could keep up with me in the fitness runs early in the morning.

Most of the watersports were really amusing one of my favourite was diving of the pontoon, out of all the year 6’s I was the 2cd person to get onto the pontoon. Jordan was the first and Stevenson was the third they are both from team Bentzon. I took a video of me with the GoPro it was so cool, Mrs Garden screamed when I jumped.

Camp was really cool and I can’t wait until the year 5’s go they're, you guys are going to have so much fun Especially if you see a wallaby.  

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