Sunday, 29 June 2014

Steps Boring, Fun, Hungry

Today I'm sitting in the sitting room watching TV there is nothing to do but then my Nana calls and ask my dad if my sisters and I want to go swimming so we said yes. We quickly got our clothes ready and went downstairs and sat in the car waiting for our parents. It took us a while to get to the pools. The name of the pools were called Parakai it was so fun there were two water slides and 2 Enormous pools. Everybody had a great time especially me. The first thing my older sister and I went was the slides there were many twist and turns. We had to go down on a mat which was blue as I went down my sister slip and lots her mat it was so funny.

Next we went to relax in this really hot pool. My little sister was crying because she wanted and iceblock it was an traffic iceblock but my mum forgot her wallet in the car then my Nana came and bought 3 for me Jay,lee and Jane those are my sisters names. After we finished our ice blocks we went back on the slide because we had to leave soon. Then we droved back home and ate dinner we had BK which stands for Burger King it was delicious I had a Whopper jr Sandwich meal .

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