Monday, 2 March 2015

Becoming an Ambassadors

Something Special
Becoming an Ambassador

In 2013 in Term 4 I was chosen by Mr and Mrs Burt to be one of the school Ambassadors, I was chosen along with 6 other students same age and year their names are Jordan, Aaron, Marilyn, Khaia, Ariana and Elizabeth. Over the holidays in December Mrs Burt gave me and the other students a task, it was to memories a long mihi so that when we start school in February she will call us and we would have to present it to her.

While waiting for Mrs Burt to finish setting up she had told us to sort out who was going first and who was going last, no one wanted to go so then Elizabeth volunteered to go first. Then Mrs Burt said “ nice work Elizabeth “ then Mrs Burt turned to us and said “look at her she is strong Beautiful and has courage that is what you need to become an Ambassador.

After that it went Khaia, Jordan, Me, Aaron and then Ariana. When I was speaking I was really nervous I also forgot my lines but likely Mrs Burt was prepared she had put the mihi up on the projector screen. Half way threw the script I started to build up my confidence.

When everyone had finished Mr Burt came in and then they started talking Mrs Burt was saying that there are only 6 places but then Mr Burt said that we were all amazing and he said that they had 7 ambassadors last year why don’t we have 7 ambassadors this year so we all became ambassadors.

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