Thursday, 9 June 2016

Show not Tell

As I entered the room with giant like bath tubs the little hand was on the one and the big one was on twelve. In my board shorts, t-shirt and red and blue sandals I felt a sudden rush of hot air blown into my face with the scent of chlorine. Screams of laughter reached my ears while splashes of water caught my eye.

My heart started pounding so I leaped in the air to end up in the freezing water. I could no longer bare the cold water, so I reach out and grabbed the metallic poles linked together, step by step I made it out safely. The next pool I had chosen wasn't cold nor hot it was just right, this time I did not jump, I slowly walked in and sat on the third 18 to 38 degree step.

Later the word boredom like unattached cobwebs flew, in my head so I tried a swimming technique where my head stuck out of the water and my torso did not rotate. I gave it my best  but lower I sank. I’ll try it next time cause the little hand was on two and the big one was on twelve and it was time to get change.

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  1. Sup Colliin,

    Nice descriptive writing about the pools. You also had really good descriptive words like "Grabbed the metallic poles linked together."

    Keep up the great work


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