Friday, 22 August 2014

Afghanistan Travelers

3) Explain how you have tried to imitate the way the passengers would have been squashed and crammed together.

On that very small boat the little boy and his father were very squashed and hungry because they did not have enough food water and not enough space to move around. Also on the charter boat it took them almost 7 to 8 days that is a whole week. It must have been so hard because the boat was only meant to hold 70 but it held 438.

As you can see Khaia at the back is looking really angry because she is squashed and uncomfortable.
The reason we have our arms around our legs is because we have been told by our teacher Mr Goodwin to act like we are on the boat and we are squashed and unbearable. We all felt awkward and nervous because we didn't know what might happen.

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  1. Why were they on the boat? It sounds awful, what did they do for sleeping and toilet space?
    You are right Khaia doesn't look impressed, Shaitern on the other hand looks positively exuberant!


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