Sunday, 17 May 2015

Technology in WW1

Today in the afternoon Mr Burt made a visit to the year 7&8 students of Point England, he taught us about the technology that was used in World War 1. His question for us was, Technology in WW1-Good or Bad.  After a really long talk we decided to chose both, because technology can be used for good things like commenting on someone's blog but it could also be used for bad thing like hacking bank accounts.
 We learnt that technology in the war kept on getting more and more advance. All technology started getting bigger and better, country started showing of their vessels, air crafts and maybe even the cars and other things, I think that maybe technology is one of the reasons why war happens because people show of.

The talk with Mr Burt was really fun and I hope we get to talk about another really interesting thing like that again sometime this year or hopefully next year when I am a year 8. Thank you Mr Burt for the wonderful talk about technology, I think it real fun to learn about technology since we use it almost everyday this shows us to treasure what we have know and don’t go breaking it.

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  1. It really was a very interesting presentation wasn't it. So pleased to see the amount of information you have learnt from Mr Burt's talk.
    Well done Collin!


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