Thursday, 10 December 2015

2015 Reflection

This year I was in room 2 with the amazing Miss Clark and it was really fun. The most satisfying thing for me this year was hanging out with all my friends and the most difficult thing was completing my school work, but overall I would rate myself a nine why because I'm awesome.

The way I contributed to team 5 is that I bought a 2 dollar sausage sizzle that went to the year 8 camp. If I were to change anything about me I’d change nothing  because I'm awesome. Two things I’d want my 2016 teacher to know about me is that I am struggling in maths and that I love art.

Maths is the where I struggle so it is probably the subject I need help in and to help him or her see that I would show them how much more literacy task there are on my blog than maths but they should already know that.  The best thing that has happened to me all year is how I keep finding money on the playground.

This year was incredible and I can’t wait to be year eight. Hopefully we get to go on amazing trips like how we went to Polyfest and Rainbows End it was really fun.

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