Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Famous Chimp

One hot and sunny day there were two men who worked at the zoo. Their boss had told them to go and get a new Chimpanzee for their new exhibit. Deep in the jungle a mother Chimpanzee was giving birth to her only child she had named him Jake. One day he was wandering thru the jungle with no one in sight until he heard something from a bush and then hahahah “I got you 9 said one of the men from the zoo. Jake had called for help many of times but no one could hear him. Soon later they had taken him to the zoo where many others chimpanzees were living. There were two lady chimps who adored him, they said “I could just eat you up”. 

He was really scared until he saw three other chimp that look the same age as him playing with each other. Then there were some more who look scary and vicious. So he walk over to those three who were playing with each other. He went up and said Hi one of them look at him and said hello. He ask her where he was we are at the zoo she said. Then he saw a little girl named was Emma Wellington she was really excited to see the to see the new baby Chimpanzee which was Jake he didn't know she was famous Just that she was little and she look like a girl. She wanted to adopted him and she did her father had let her keep him.  
After a Week Emma had named him Louis, He was really famous but for some reason he was really sad. Was it because he miss his mum or did he want to go back to the zoo. Stay tuned for my next writing about the Famous Chimp.

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