Thursday, 30 October 2014

Being a Good Friend

What are Friends? A friend is someone who is kind, happy and reliable. Being a good friend means to be a great listener also to be honest. Friends are also really important because they are always their when you are feeling sad or lonely.

       To be a wonderful friend, you would have to take notice of your friends problems. One thing you could do to test your friendship is to be yourself and if they don’t like you for who you are maybe that friend isn’t much of a friend at all. Just remember not everyone is perfect not even me but we’re all individuals and that’s what make us, who we are.

         Things that don’t make a healthy friendship is being a jerk and not being trustworthy . Another way is not liking one anothers personality E.g not liking you for who you are, now are friend like that isn’t much of a friend at all.

        If you get into an awful fight with your buddy, it’s always a great thing to ask for help but if it’s over something really silly like a hair tie or a pair of new shoes then make a chart on the days for who wears them. It’s a really cool thing to have a friend lot’s of people don’t even have a friend but their are still waiting.

Many people don't have a friend so make sure you treasure yours.

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