Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Yesterday on Monday the 20th of July was the first day of term 3 and every first day of the term we have an immersion assembly our new topic was learning how to be Financially Responsible. Every teacher from every team performed an act of what they were going to learn this term. 

Team 1 are doing jobs around the school and getting money to spend at the markets. Team 2 are learning about making ice cream and tasting new flavours. Team 3 are learning about all the different jobs in the world. Team 4 are learning about the different emotions in your mind when you spend money and team 5 are learning about how to be Financially Responsible.

My favourite team was team 5 because of Mr Barks and Mr Wiseman, Mr Barks was acting like he was Mr Wiseman's Wife Mrs Wiseman. Mr Barks was wearing a dress and was holding a fake baby whose name was Iile. One day Mr Wiseman did not have enough money in his budget to buy new things. When suddenly he heard a knock on the door and three ladies came running in with a truck load of clothes and ask him if him and his wife wanted new clothes 

Him and his wife tried on many new clothes they put on dresses, jumpers, shoes and loads of T-shirts but in the end he decided that he needed to pay of more important thing like the bills and food supplies than clothes.

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