Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Clown Cake

It was pouring that night at old Mcgee’s farm, Rosie ( the farmer's daughter ) went outside into the barn to check on the pigs when suddenly she heard sounds coming from upstairs. She quickly ran back inside to tell her father James (Mr Mcgee) that she had heard suspicious sounds from upstairs in the barn.

So Rosie and her father James went to the barn with a flashlight but when they got there, there was nothing. “There’s nothing here sweetheart” said her father “but I heard something” Rosie said back to him. Rosie told her father to be quiet because she had heard the sound again, but this time it sounded like it was coming from behind her.

She flashed the light behind her and there was nothing to be seen but as she turned around to see her father gone something had grabbed her arm. Before she knew it she was being drag out of the barn and into the house. Luckily she still had the flashlight. She shined the light on the thing and caught a glimpse of what looked like a hideous clown.

Rosie had no weapon no clue to where her father was and no idea of what to do, until she crabbed her flashlight firmly and threw it at the clowns face but when the hideous clown screamed with pain she had realized it was her father with straw in his hair. When they got inside the house Rosie got an ice pack for her father while her father explained everything.

He told her the the suspicious sound she heard was a secret for her birthday and the reason he had dragged her out was because he did not want her to find out. She had forgotten about her Birthday because of all the commotion. Seeing as it was one in the morning her father decided to give it to her. So out of his jacket he pulled a frightened little puppy.

After she had thanked her father she took her puppy upstairs to dry him of. Then her mother Perri walked into her room with a birthday cake and accidentally dropped it on the floor. Then the puppy ran down and started to eat the cake, so Rosie decided to name him Cake.

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