Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Writing Test T4

It was raining that day when Jeremy, Kane and Freddie went hiking at Whitmore's Rainforest. They always went hiking and liked to see new places. Travelling was apart of them. It was the first time any of them had been to Whitmore's Rainforest, so they were really excited to explore this new and exotic place. As they hiked higher and higher Jeremy ask “can we take a break, we’ve been walking for hours” even though they started about half an hour ago. “Sure” said Kane as he sat down and starting sipping his water.

Freddie needed to go to the toilet, so of he went. While he was peeing he heard rustling coming from a bush behind him so he went to check it out. A hairy hand popped out of the bush and grab his shirt. Before he knew it he was being drag away from his friends. Freddie screamed like a little girl so that his friends could hear him. It was too late, by the time his friends came they had only caught a glimpse of the hairy beast.

They searched everywhere for him but he was nowhere to be found. Until Jeremy yelled out to Kane “ I found something”  After Kane had seen it he knew straight away that it was Freddie’s. It was his blue and red Nike bag that he wore everyday, when they lifted the bag they saw a huge foot print in the ground. The next item they found was his socks and shoes. It was like Freddie was leaving a trail behind so that his friends could find him.

Suddenly, they heard Freddie screaming from the top of the mountain and as they quickly ran up they saw black smoke rising into the sky.They finally made it up the mountain and saw Freddie lying on the ground. He was in pain. While the hideous beast was distracted by the fire he created Kane and Jeremy took Freddie back down the mountain. They heard a loud roar that got closer and closer. Jeremy started getting scared but Kane told him “ Keep running we're nearly there, the rangers hut is just past these trees”.

Jeremy’s feet had other plans, he twisted his ankle and tripped making all of them fall down Kane yelled at him “you idiot we’re all going to die now”  Jeremy replied “at least we're all going to die together”. As the beast closed in on them they had finally recognised who it was it was Bigfoot, The snow beast people usually prefer to as the last living Yeti. Bigfoot got closer and was just about to ripped them all into pieces.

Bang!! Bang!! Bigfoot had fallen right in front of the three men and standing behind it was the ranger. He had just saved their lives. After that he called the ambulance, animal control, the police and anything else who could think of. Soon the rainforest was crawling with news reporters, policemen, scientist and firemen. There was no fire they just wanted to see a real life Bigfoot.

Finally the men were rushed to hospital where they were taken care of for two weeks, the Whitmore’s Rainforest was closed for further inspection, the ranger instantly became famous for taking down the almighty yeti and the yeti went with the scientist for biological research.

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