Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ambassador Speech

Today some of my friends and I had to say a speech for special visitors. I wasn't really shy because I had practiced many times and I only made two mistakes. There were only 10 visitors who came, that's why I wasn't shy. The people who said the speech with me were all ambassadors including me. We had a lot of help from two really really special people named Mr and Mrs Burt. Mr Burt is the principal of Pt England school, and Mrs Burt is in charge of the ambassadors. They are both like coaches.

 But someone I noticed sitting there was Phil Giller from Samsung. I spoke to him and he was telling me that he played league for Hibiscus Coast . I replied back “I’m in the Mount Wellington rugby league team and I've beaten Hibiscus coast".

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  1. Thank you Collin, it was awesome to see and hear from all the ambassadors, we never knew you made mistakes (remember that we don't know so just carry on). Thanks for showing us your class.
    We always beat Mt Wellington when I was at the Hibiscus Coast Raiders !!!
    Thanks again Collin we appreciated your talk.
    Phil Giller
    Samsung New Zealand - Education Manager


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