Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

Gently the butterfly lays its egg on a swan plant. After that it leaves and the egg is hanging underneath the leaf. The butterfly lays it egg under the leaf because there are a lot of dangerous insects and animals that might squash or eat it.

 After a day or two it’s ready to hatch, but when it does it comes out and eats the shell. I wonder what the shell taste like? It looks like it’s really scrumshus to the caterpillar. When it finishes eating the shell it moves on to eat leaves.

 While it eats leaves it sheds many of time and changes colours. As it eats it gets bigger and bigger everyday. When it sheds it looks funny but it’s part of the life cycle, it eats about 15 leaves and then it is ready to find a good branch and dangle from it. 

Then there it hangs but first it has to make something sticky to make it stick. After a while it turns into a chrysalis and stays in there for 2 weeks. Then when it comes out there is a beautiful monarch butterfly.

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