Thursday, 6 March 2014

Use your Wits.

Using your Wits means to always do the right thing. It also means you have to follow 4 steps which are W walk away, I ignore it, T talk about it and S seek help. First we are going to talk about W walk away.

 If people are Bullying you, you should walk away. If you don’t walk away then there are many bad things that can happen to you. Even though they are pushing or teasing you just use your Wits. The next step is to ignore it, if people are making fun of you, walk away and ignore it.

Another example is if people are teasing you, calling you names and other things you just have to ignore it. If you talk about it, it will make you happy and it will also solve many of your problems. There are lots of thing you could talk about, like if you pet died or someone is teasing you just talk about it.

 To Seek help you have to find a teacher or an adult and tell them what's wrong. It also means that the person who was bullying you would learn a lesson. Using your WITS can help you by not being bullied. If you use your WITS you'll be happy and you will be able to enjoy the rest of your day knowing what you can do if that ever happens again.

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